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House Passes Bill to Reduce Mass Tort and Class Action Lawsuits

When a widely used product causes damages to a lot of people, the victims may all file together against the manufacturer in something called a “mass tort” or a “class action lawsuit.” These types of lawsuits make it easier for each person to get the compensation they need.
How do they work? By taking part in a class action or mass tort lawsuit, each individual plaintiff will not have go to through the long, drawn-out process of going to trial (although this often results in less money awarded per person).
If you are considering filing a claim in a mass tort or class action lawsuit, you may want to check in with your lawmakers first.…

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Rideshare Accidents: Everything Floridians Need to Know

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies have changed how people do things in Florida. For the most part, the applications get you to where you need to go quickly, and usually for a pretty decent price. Even better, rideshares have allowed many drivers and partygoers to breathe easy, knowing they will not run the risk of getting a DUI or in a bad accident after a night out on the town.
Except that’s not always true. Taking a rideshare doesn’t guarantee that you will be accident-free. Especially in Florida, where the number of auto accidents is on the rise. Uber and Lyft drivers are people too, and people make mistakes.…

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Do Florida PIP Laws Cover Pedestrian Accidents?

No accident is simple, especially if insurance companies or lawsuits are involved. Since there are so many car crashes in Florida every year, though, there is a lot of information out there about what to do after an auto accident and how PIP comes into play.
Pedestrian accidents are a little more complicated. The driver (probably) has insurance, but (obviously) the pedestrian wasn’t using a car when they were hit. So what happens next? Is there PIP for pedestrians? Sort of.
Pedestrians Can Use PIP for Accident Coverage
If you have personal injury protection and you are a Florida resident, you can still file a claim with your auto insurance after a pedestrian accident.…

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Category: Child Accidents

5 (Mostly) New Safety Rules Parents Should Instill In Their Child

“Look both ways before crossing the street.” “Don’t run with scissors.” “Stay away from open flames.” You know about those dangers, and most likely you’ve already warned your kids about them. Probably over and over.
However, our world is forever changing, and new ways for children to potentially get hurt appear every single day. Because of this, it can be tough to keep up with all the different possible dangers and warn your kids about them. You have to do your best, though, because about 10% of Florida children have to visit the emergency room for an injury every single year.
In an effort to help you prevent your kids from becoming a part of that 10%, below we have put together a list of (mostly) new safety rules designed to help prevent child injuries and accidents that may not have even occurred to you yet.…

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Woman Seeks $15,000 After Fall at RDV Sportsplex Center

Other than the embarrassment of it, slipping and falling in public doesn’t seem like a big deal. You just pick yourself up and move on.
Unfortunately, that belief is a naïve one. Far from being harmless, falls can result in broken bones, bruised tailbones, head injuries, and more. Before you know it, your “simple” slip and fall can cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills. On top of that, you may suffer in other ways, including not being able to work, drive, or possibly even leave the house – all due to someone else’s negligence.
In a personal injury case, you can put a number to all of these damages and ask for compensation.…

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Florida Football Player’s Death Leads to Lawsuit for University

Physical trainers and coaches are supposed to push you to your limits, but they also have a responsibility to know where those limits are. Going too far over the limit can severely injure you, and in some cases may even have fatal consequences.
Such is the situation in the sad case of Colt Cardwell, and now his coaches are facing legal consequences as the family presses for justice and accountability with a wrongful death lawsuit.
On February 10, 2015, Colt Cardwell was at conditioning practice with the Warner University football team. Cardwell had transferred to the school earlier in the year to play as an offensive lineman.
During conditioning, he registered heightened blood pressure and experienced trouble breathing, but was allowed by coaches to continue training.…

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Before You Gift: The Year’s Most Dangerous Toys

We know it’s not easy buying holiday gifts for children. You don’t want to be the person who buys socks for the kids every year. You want to make sure the children in your life enjoy the gifts that you give them.
That being said, you also have the responsibility of giving kids gifts that are safe and won’t cause injuries later on in the year.
That’s a lot of pressure!
Luckily, with online resources like internet recalls, you can begin to narrow down your search.
The 10 Most Dangerous Toys of the Year
Let’s start by looking at the 10 most dangerous toys of 2016 according to WATCH.…

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Did a Drunk Driver Ruin Your Thanksgiving?

Maybe you were out driving Wednesday night before Thanksgiving when it happened. Or perhaps it was on the way to the big meal. Or afterwards when you were feeling happy and sated as you headed home.
One second everything was normal, and the next your life was spinning out of control – possibly even literally. The other driver came out of nowhere to slam into your car, demolishing your holiday. You’re still thankful – but now that thankfulness is focused squarely on the fact that you’re still alive.
Why did this happen? Because the other driver was drunk. This is a scene that plays out every single day of the year, but around the Thanksgiving holiday it’s sadly a lot more common – especially on the night before Thanksgiving.…

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7 FAQs about Premise Liability Cases in Florida

Accidents happen, but sometimes they could have been prevented. If, for example, you were out on someone else’s property (a restaurant, a boat, a store) and an accident was caused by a spill that should have been cleaned up, or faulty utilities or equipment that should have been replaced or fixed, your injuries are not just due to a random occurrence – they could have been prevented by better management of the property you were on.
In cases like the ones we mentioned, the injured person might be able to file a claim or a lawsuit under the rules of “premise liability.” Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from individuals considering filing a claim under the laws of premise liability in Florida:
How Much Should I Claim?…

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5 Times You May Need a Maritime Lawyer

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about maritime lawyers. Many people may not even really know exactly what a maritime attorney is. But if something happens to you when you’re in the open water, you’re going to find out really fast.
Essentially, maritime law governs what happens at sea. That covers a lot of territory, though, so let’s break it down.
Lost or Damaged Cargo. One of the most common uses for the open seas is to transport cargo. Because of this, many maritime law cases involve incidents regarding these activities. If cargo is damaged or never delivered to its proper location, who should pay?
Cruise Ship Injuries and Crimes.…

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