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Holidays with the Most DUI Deaths

With Halloween over and Thanksgiving on the horizon, the holiday season is in full swing. But alongside the festivities comes the dark side of holidays—drunk drivers.
More often than not, holidays are the most dangerous days on the road for drivers. Whenever there is occasion for people to drink, there is occasion for people to drive drunk .
The cold months of the year are already a dangerous time for drivers. Large numbers of travelers, inclement weather, shorter days, and high stress all contribute to increased risk on the road during the winter holiday season.
The factor that presents the most danger to holiday traffic, however, is the spike in drunk driving that occurs every year.…

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Sep. 01, 2015
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6 Labor Day Safety Tips

For many Florida residents, Labor Day celebrations are bittersweet. Labor Day may mark the end of the easy days of summer, but it also ushers in a brand new season and school year.
Whether you’re feeling excited or wistful about the end of summer, we hope you take Labor Day weekend as an opportunity to relax and celebrate with your friends and family. But remember—as with any major holiday, Labor Day does come with its share of safety risks and dangers. Make sure your holiday weekend is fun and free of accident and injury by following these six important tips.
Driving safety. According to National Safety Council reports, there are hundreds of auto accident fatalities over Labor Day weekend every year.…

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Stay Safe this Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a time-honored American tradition that celebrates our country’s Irish heritage with festive parades, vibrant green costumes, and—of course—lots and lots of drinking.
Like far too many American holidays, Saint Patrick’s Day has become synonymous with excessive alcohol consumption, creating a risk for drivers, pedestrians, partygoers, and families alike. Every Saint Patrick’s Day, hundreds of Americans are sent to the emergency room due to drunk driving accidents and other alcohol-related injuries.  Over past years, there have been hundreds of fatalities on Saint Patrick’s Day, a large percentage of which involve alcohol-impaired drivers.
To ensure your Saint Patrick’s celebration is fun, memorable, and injury-free, we’ve compiled a list of tips for keeping you and your family out of harm’s way this St.…

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