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Broward’s political, legal worlds in turmoil over judge elections
From Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel by Anthony Man on July 15, 2010 09:38 AM
Judicial races are usually quiet, low-key affairs. But with an unprecedented number of candidates competing in the August election, it’s getting unpleasant out on the campaign trail.
Most notably, this year’s Broward judicial elections feature contests in which judges actually have to face opponents – something that has the legal and political communities agitated.
With more than 40 candidates running for judge in the Aug. 24 nonpartisan elections, it’s going to be difficult for many voters to figure out who to support. (Judicial elections, held on the same day as the Democratic and Republican primaries, are open to all registered voters.)
For months, the candidates have been in full campaign mode, heading to political clubs and participating in parades and other civic events.…

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