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Summer’s a great time to throw a party. The days are longer, the weather’s warm, and people frequently take more time off work and school to relax. Unfortunately, because of the rash of parties and various celebrations, drunk driving increases during the summer. In fact, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day are three of the deadliest days of the year on the road, coming only behind Thanksgiving in terms of fatal accidents. If you are throwing a party this summer, here are 15 ways to do your part in preventing your guests from getting behind the wheel when intoxicated.
1.    Plan plenty of activities and games to keep your guests entertained.…

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A Day in the Life of a Crash Test Dummy

You think you’ve had a hard day at the office? Wait until you hear about mine. As your friendly local crash test dummy, my job is to protect your life and protect your automaker from potential lawsuits. I do this by sitting in a car as it simulates an accident. Again and again and again. Sure, I get to sit all day, but frankly, I’d rather be sitting at a desk doing data entry all day. I mean, check it out. Does this look like fun?
Well, I guess somebody’s got to do it. Car safety ratings are getting better all the time, and it’s thanks to “people” like me.…

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Starbucks Repetitive Motion Injury

What is a Repetitive Motion Injury?
Repetitive motion disorders, or injuries, are a large group of painful and restrictive muscle (and or tendon, nerve and ligament) conditions formed by repeating a particular task, or set of tasks, over and over during the normal workday.
These disorders or injuries, also known as RMDs, include:

Bursitis, an inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs called bursa which cushion joints, tendons, muscles and bones
Epicondylitis, an inflammation of the rounded joint that at the elbow (or knee) over which muscles run; an example is tennis elbow
Ganglion cysts, which are fluid-filled swellings on the upper surface of joints and tendons in the wrists, hands and feet
Tendonitis, tendinitis, or tenosynovitis, all describe inflammations of a tendon, which is a stringy, muscle-like connector between muscle and bone, or the fluid-filled sheath around tendons
Trigger finger, usually presenting as “locking” rigidity of the trigger finger, resulting from a difference in size between the flexor tendon and the surrounding pulley system

The Starbucks Repetitive Motion Protest
In light of Starbucks working conditions, which Starbucks employees feel provoke repetitive motion injuries, as well as accidents and burns, said employees have formed a workers union.…

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