Month: September 2014

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Category: Wrongful Death

High School Sports and Wrongful Death

Playing sports in high school can be a great way for students to get exercise, learn valuable skills, and build friendships. However, when coaches push their student athletes too hard or place them in risky situations, the results can be deadly.
In one recent tragic case, a 16-year-old high school football player died after being told to complete a set of sprints as punishment for arriving late to practice. According to the New York Daily News, high school junior Miles Kirkland-Thomas completed two sprints before collapsing and going into cardiac arrest. He was transported to a Staten Island hospital, where he later died. Although his death is still under investigation, the weather may have been a factor, as temperatures were around 80 degrees Fahrenheit at the time that Kirkland-Thomas collapsed.…

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Category: Distracted Driving

New Apple Tech Creates Distractions for Drivers and Pedestrians

In early September, Apple unveiled its two newest products—the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. The spy gadget-like Apple Watch, which users can wear around their wrists like a traditional watch, will feature over 50 applications and allow users to do things like respond to text messages, make payments, and navigate with GPS. The new iPhone, meanwhile, will have a larger screen, theoretically making it easier to consume information on the go.
While many Apple fans are excited to be able to get their hands on these products soon, the new devices also raise some safety concerns for drivers and pedestrians.
Tech That Allows for Multitasking Raises Risk of Accidents

The problem with technology that people can use on the go is that there will always be people who choose to use that technology when they shouldn’t, such as when they’re driving a car or walking down the street.…

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Category: Medical Malpractice

Surgery Errors That Can Lead to Medical Malpractice Suits

Surgeons can quite literally hold their patients’ lives in their hands, so it makes sense that they are required to go through years of higher education and rigorous training before earning their medical degree. Sadly, in spite of all this training, surgery errors are still all too common.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine completed an analysis in 2012 that found surgeons across the country are responsible for an average of 4,044 “never events” every year. “Never events” refer to errors which could—and should—have been prevented, such as leaving a foreign object inside a patient.
There are situations when a doctor might not have been reasonably able to prevent a negative outcome or complication from a surgery.…

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Category: Uber Ride Sharing

Uber Comes to Ft Lauderdale, but Not without Controversy

Love or hate Uber, the ride-share service has been making significant in-roads in Florida. Most recently, UberX has begun operating in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.
For those who are still unfamiliar with the brand, Uber has two basic services: Uber Black and UberX. Uber Black is the higher-end option and uses licensed chauffeurs who drive black sedans or SUVs. UberX is a lower-cost option where ordinary people (not licensed chauffeurs) use their own cars to transport passengers.
Uber, which began operating in Miami over the summer, expanded to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach in August. Bill Guernier, the general manger for the Uber expansion in Florida, told the Sun Sentinelthat the launch has so far been successful and that the company has received hundreds of applications from Floridians interested in working as Uber drivers.…

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Category: Insurance Claims

How a Home Inventory Can Help Your Insurance Claim

Your homeowner’s and flood insurance is meant to protect you if any of your property or possessions are damaged or lost due to theft, a hurricane, or another natural disaster. Unfortunately, you may discover that your insurance company drags their feet when it comes time to process your claim—or outright denies the claim—if you can’t show them a home inventory.
Insurance Journal recently shared the results of a survey from Allstate that found that 90% of homeowners are concerned with protecting their assets, but less than half (41%) have ever documented their valuables. Insurance Journal also found that the people who do document their valuables typically get better results when filing a claim; 80% of insurance professionals say they believe claims are processed as much as twice as quickly when a homeowner has done an inventory.…

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