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Is Florida Planning to End Personal Injury Protection?

Last week, a $125,000 contract was awarded to an actuarial consulting firm to study and predict what would happen if personal injury protection (PIP) was removed from Florida’s state laws. The study was proposed by the Office of Insurance Regulation, and will begin shortly. In September, the results will be presented to Florida Governor Rick Scott, the Senate president, and the House Speaker.
What does this mean? Will PIP end? What might happen if this occurs? To delve into the issue, first we have to look at PIP itself.
What Is Personal Injury Protection?
Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is another name for Florida’s “no-fault” insurance system. We are one of a dozen states that have no-fault auto insurance laws.…

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Florida Motorists Should Watch Out for Drunk Drivers This Summer

Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July, barbeques, summer vacations… summer is the best time of year for beautiful weather and fun holiday weekends. But as we prepare our best cannonball and dust off our grills, the police are preparing for summer as well. They are sharpening their skills for identifying drunk drivers – and if you want to stay safe, you should too.
Earlier this month, Florida Public Safety Institute funded a lab course that gives both members of Florida law enforcement and residents a chance to challenge their knowledge regarding drinking, driving, and blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. Some participants were given drinks, while others were tasked with using the course to monitor signs of drunk driving.…

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Kids: The Most Powerless Victims of Car Crashes

Auto accidents can have severe effects on the drivers and passengers in the involved vehicles, but nothing is more tragic than when a child is injured or killed in a crash.
Unfortunately, car accidents are the number one cause of death for kids between the age of 1 and 12 in our country. 638 children ages 12 and under died as the result of a motor vehicle crash in 2013, and according to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, another 127,250 were injured.
But perhaps the saddest part of these deaths is that many of the children involved have little say in protecting themselves. Parents and others driving kids largely determine whether or not their minor passengers engage in life-saving safety procedures – or whether certain safety tools are even available.…

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Can I Sue a Dentist for Malpractice?

Many people aren’t fans of going to the dentist. You have to deal with someone poking and prodding in your mouth. And what if you end up needing to have a cavity filled or – even worse – get a root canal? Such things are often fodder for nightmares.
But there are worse things that can happen to you at the dentist. For example, what happens if you’re injured while under your dentist’s care?
Last year, a Jacksonville dentist was sued in a class-action malpractice lawsuit. The plaintiffs claimed that the dentist “physically abused their children, botched their dental work, and stonewalled parents and investigators when his methods were questioned.”
In order to prove dental malpractice, you have to be able to show that you suffered an injury due to a dentist providing inadequate care.…

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Seat Backs Cause Tesla to Recall 2,700 Vehicles

More and more people are concerned about the environment and the sustainability of using oil and gasoline to power vehicles. Ethanol, propane, biodiesel, solar, steam, natural gas, and fuel cells are all alternative energy sources to the gasoline-powered engine. But so far electricity is the only one that has been able to have real commercial success.
Numerous car manufacturers are now offering electric or hybrid model cars to eco-conscious drivers. Just some of the electric cars on the market include:

BMW i3
Chevrolet Spark EV
Fiat 500e
Ford Focus EV
Kia Soul EV
Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric
Mitsubishi i
Nissan Leaf
Smart Electric Drive
Tesla models
Volkswagen eGolf

Out of all electric car manufacturers, it seems that Tesla gets the most attention.…

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