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How Dangerous Is Scuba Diving? And What Can You Do If You’re Hurt?

Even though scuba diving is exciting and gives you a great way to see the world from a different perspective, it is a high-risk hobby. Earlier this month, Pensacola beachgoers were reminded of that risk when they found the body of Gary Martin Wise on the shoreline near the Park East area.
Wise had been scuba diving alone and had already passed away by the time witnesses could try to revive him. The cause of his death is unknown, and currently being investigated.
How Dangerous Is Scuba Diving?
According to a report from the Divers Alert Network (DAN) in 2011, the rate of death for insured DAN members was 16.4 per 100,000 people.…

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Category: AirBnB | Premises Liability

Airbnb and Premise Liability: What You Need to Know

Airbnb is an app that allows homeowners or landlords to rent out their property for short periods of time. If you go on vacation or have a second home that you visit during the summer, you might have considered using the app to make some extra money. Or perhaps you’ve thought about renting a property on Airbnb instead of getting a traditional hotel room.
Many guests use Airbnb for vacations and have no problems whatsoever. However, sometimes bad things happen. People get hurt. If you or someone you love rents an Airbnb property and gets injured, who is responsible? Can you receive compensation from the owner if they were negligent?…

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3 Ways Summer Heat Can Cause Auto Injuries

Summer is a dangerous time to drive: more drunk drivers are out on the road, more new drivers are out on the road, and more confused tourists are out on the road.
But even if you take other drivers out of the picture, the summer months still have their own inherent climate-related dangers – especially here in Florida! The heat alone is dangerous for passengers and drivers alike. The most important things to watch out for during the summer months include: tire failure, heat stroke, and an overheated engine.
Tire Failure. We all know that more people are out on the roads and using their cars during the summer months.…

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Why Child Auto Safety Goes Beyond Car Seats

You’ve spent top dollar on a state-of-the-art car seat for your child that perfectly fits their weight and age. The car seat meets every safety requirement and even has a cup holder to avoid (okay, reduce) spills from sippy cups and snack containers. You’ve buckled your child in, and you’re all set to hit the road… right?
Unfortunately, a recent recall from BMW shows that child auto safety requires more than just a regulation car seat.
BMW had to recall model year 2011-2017 X3, and model year 2015-2017 X4 SUVs. This recall affects over 600,000 SUVs around the world, and over 180,000 of those SUVs have been purchased in the United States.…

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