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5 (Mostly) New Safety Rules Parents Should Instill In Their Child

“Look both ways before crossing the street.” “Don’t run with scissors.” “Stay away from open flames.” You know about those dangers, and most likely you’ve already warned your kids about them. Probably over and over.
However, our world is forever changing, and new ways for children to potentially get hurt appear every single day. Because of this, it can be tough to keep up with all the different possible dangers and warn your kids about them. You have to do your best, though, because about 10% of Florida children have to visit the emergency room for an injury every single year.
In an effort to help you prevent your kids from becoming a part of that 10%, below we have put together a list of (mostly) new safety rules designed to help prevent child injuries and accidents that may not have even occurred to you yet.…

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Determining Fault in a Chain-Reaction Crash in Florida

Since we live in a no-fault state, most of the time Floridians don’t need to worry too much about who’s to blame for a car crash. Regardless of who caused the accident, PIP will cover both drivers up to $10,000.
Unfortunately, if you are seriously hurt in an accident, your costs can easily exceed that amount. Medical bills pile up fast, and you also have to account for things like money lost due to having to take time off of work.
Luckily, there’s a way to get compensation from the responsible party – file a personal injury lawsuit. If you can prove the other driver was negligent, you can hold them accountable for their actions and get them to cover your expenses – and possibly even more.…

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7 FAQs about Professional Liability Insurance in Florida

As a business owner, you probably see risks all around you. A business is like a child, and you are constantly putting your child’s wellbeing in the hands of other people, such as employees, other businesses, clients or customers, and so on. With all of the possible things that could go wrong, you might wonder what options are out there to protect your business.
One way that many people opt to protect their business is to get professional liability insurance.
Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about Professional Liability Insurance
Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?
Anyone who works in a field that receives advice or counsel from other businesses or organizations could benefit from professional liability insurance.…

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Woman Seeks $15,000 After Fall at RDV Sportsplex Center

Other than the embarrassment of it, slipping and falling in public doesn’t seem like a big deal. You just pick yourself up and move on.
Unfortunately, that belief is a naïve one. Far from being harmless, falls can result in broken bones, bruised tailbones, head injuries, and more. Before you know it, your “simple” slip and fall can cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills. On top of that, you may suffer in other ways, including not being able to work, drive, or possibly even leave the house – all due to someone else’s negligence.
In a personal injury case, you can put a number to all of these damages and ask for compensation.…

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