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House Passes Bill to Reduce Mass Tort and Class Action Lawsuits

When a widely used product causes damages to a lot of people, the victims may all file together against the manufacturer in something called a “mass tort” or a “class action lawsuit.” These types of lawsuits make it easier for each person to get the compensation they need.
How do they work? By taking part in a class action or mass tort lawsuit, each individual plaintiff will not have go to through the long, drawn-out process of going to trial (although this often results in less money awarded per person).
If you are considering filing a claim in a mass tort or class action lawsuit, you may want to check in with your lawmakers first.…

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Category: Victims of Violence

Lawsuit against Pulse Shooter’s Wife, Employer May Be Thrown Out

The shooting at the Pulse Nightclub last June still casts a dark cloud over Orlando and the LGBT community. While Orlando residents and tourists alike visit the site of the shooting to pay their respects to the 49 victims, the victims’ families are fighting for justice and compensation in court.
Unfortunately, these families appear to have hit a roadblock, and their case may be thrown out of court. What happened?
To understand, you first have to know who the families were trying to sue and why.
Who Is the Lawsuit Against?

The person behind the Pulse Nightclub shooting was Omar Mateen. Before the shooting, Mateen was working as a security guard for G4S Secure Solutions.…

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You’re Injured at an Indian Casino – How Do You File a Claim?

If you enjoy a good night of gambling in South Florida, chances are you’ve been to, or heard of, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.
You might know that the casino is on tribal land, but did you know this makes it subject to different laws than the rest of the United States? It’s not something you’ve likely given much thought to – but you should.
Why? Because if you head to an Indian casino like the Seminole Hard Rock and get hurt, the rules of getting compensation are different. What are those rules?
What Happens After You Are Injured On Tribal Land?
The Seminole Tribe has specific laws about how to file a claim after an injury.…

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Rideshare Accidents: Everything Floridians Need to Know

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies have changed how people do things in Florida. For the most part, the applications get you to where you need to go quickly, and usually for a pretty decent price. Even better, rideshares have allowed many drivers and partygoers to breathe easy, knowing they will not run the risk of getting a DUI or in a bad accident after a night out on the town.
Except that’s not always true. Taking a rideshare doesn’t guarantee that you will be accident-free. Especially in Florida, where the number of auto accidents is on the rise. Uber and Lyft drivers are people too, and people make mistakes.…

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