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Why Do Single-Car Accidents Happen in Florida?

A Lake City woman recently died in a single car accident, while three others suffered serious injuries. What happened?
In the early morning hours of Mar. 4, the four women were traveling in a Hyundai Sonata in eastern Suwannee County. At 12:25 a.m. the driver crossed over the road’s shoulder and hit a culvert. The vehicle flipped several times, then landed on its roof.
One woman was ejected from the vehicle as it flipped, and she died at the scene. The driver and two other passengers were taken to a Gainesville hospital with serious conditions. Everyone was wearing a seat belt except the woman who was ejected from the vehicle.…

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Rehab Facility Death Raises Questions about Duty to Care in Florida

When checking into drug addiction treatment centers, patients and their family members trust that the facility will provide for the patient’s medical care, safety, and well-being while in treatment. Due to the nature of drug addiction and withdrawal, rehab facilities must supervise patients continuously to prevent self-harm or injury to other patients.
All of which makes the story of Graeme Hill not just incredibly tragic, but also anger-inducing. What happened?
Mr. Hill flew to River Oaks Drug Treatment Center in Riverview, Florida from Illinois after speaking to a patient recruiter over the phone in the midst of a mental breakdown. He was taken into custody by River Oaks at the Tampa Airport, as he was suffering a psychotic episode.…

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Florida Stores Can’t Just Refuse to Show Slip and Fall Videos

When shoppers walk through stores, browsing merchandise or hunting down a specific item can cause them to take their eyes off the floor, making slip, trip, and fall injuries more likely. However, under Florida law, stores are obligated to maintain safe conditions that should prevent these injuries.
A Florida woman recently fell in an Oldsmar Walmart Store, stating that she slipped and fell on a wet substance that was on the floor. The plaintiff, Dondenna Crabtree, filed a complaint requesting surveillance footage of the slip and fall to use in her case.
Walmart objected to the complaint, arguing that if Crabtree were to see the video prior to her deposition, she would be able to alter her testimony.…

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How Floridians Can Have a Safe St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re planning to party like the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you think about your own safety and that of others first. Here are several tips to help you have a fun yet safe St. Patrick’s Day and protect you from getting injured in an auto accident.
St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips
Statistics indicate drunk driving is involved in about one-third of all St. Patrick’s Day auto accidents. With St. Patrick’s Day falling on a weekend this year, many people will be celebrating and out on the road afterward. Here are the best tips to keep you safe on the lucky holiday.
Make a plan before you head out
Decide how much you will drink and who will drive you home.…

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