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Pedestrian Accidents are Often Wrongful Deaths in Florida          

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in Florida, and often when a car hits a bystander, the results are incredibly serious – even deadly.
Since 2009, pedestrian deaths have steadily increased. In fact, Florida is one of the top three states for fatal hit-and-run pedestrian accidents.
This May, a Pensacola man was killed when he did not use the crosswalk and was hit by a driver.
In late April, a man from New Port Richey was killed when he was walking in the center lane. The man was wearing dark clothes and the area was not lit, so the driver did not see him.
A hit-and-run accident in March killed a bicyclist in Pinellas Park, and a pedestrian in Tampa was killed in another hit-and-run accident.…

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It’s Florida Prom and Graduation Season – Watch Out for Teen Drivers

It’s prom and graduation season, which means more teens are out on the roads, and accidents are more likely to occur. In this post we’ll detail statistics for driving accidents that are common this time of year and tell you what to do to protect yourself.
If you are in a car accident with a negligent teen, you can file for fair and just compensation – we’ll show you how.
Teen Driving Accident Statistics for Prom and Graduation Season
Vehicle accidents claim the lives of over 3,000 teens every year, and around 250,000 more experience injuries related to vehicle crashes. That’s terrifying, but the statistics on teen driving specifically during this season may be even worse.…

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Category: Bad Faith Insurance

Know the Elements of a Florida Bad Faith Insurance Claim

As an insurance policyholder, you pay your premium with the understanding that should disaster strike, your insurance company will cover the damages. That they will act in good faith.
However, it’s important to remember that it’s in your insurer’s best financial interest not to pay out your claim. Sometimes, insurance companies will push the envelope to see if it’s possible to get away with not investigating claims or not paying out money owed. This is known as acting in bad faith.
What can you do if your insurer abandons you in your time of need? It may be possible to file a bad faith insurance lawsuit against them. Below, we’re going to detail the elements of a bad faith insurance claim so you can understand what it takes to prove your case and get the compensation you deserve.…

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Category: Medical Malpractice

Just How Common Is Medical Malpractice in Florida?

Medical malpractice in Florida is much more common than you may realize. How common?
Take a look at just a few stats:

Nearly $4 billion is paid out in medical malpractice claims each year in the United States.
Other than death, the top reasons for injury claims include significant or major permanent injury, brain damage, and lifelong care.
Allegations are most frequently related to misdiagnosis, surgery, and treatment.
Inpatient medical errors account for 45 percent of all payouts. Outpatient errors make up 41 percent. Both inpatient and outpatient errors make up nine percent of total payouts.
Florida ranks in the top five states for highest medical malpractice

Why are there so many medical malpractice cases?…

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