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Everything Florida Parents Should Know about Back to School Injuries

The new school year is upon us, and your child is hopefully enjoying her back to school experience. Although Florida schools are generally very safe places for children, school injuries can and do occur every day.
In fact, about 25% of all child injuries occur in or around school property, and many of these accidents are preventable. In a number of cases, injuries are related to improper maintenance of school grounds or lack of supervision by teachers or school staff. If your child’s injury is due to negligence, you should consider holding the school accountable for the actions that led to his or her injury.
Below, we’re going to cover what Florida parents need to know about school injuries, including what causes school injuries and what to look out for, as well as what to do if your child is injured as a result of the school’s negligence.…

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Best Gear to Stay Safe When Riding Your Motorcycle in Florida

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast in Florida, you need the right gear to stay safe while riding. In this post, we’ll detail the best gear to keep you protected while cruising the Florida highways.
How the Right Motorcycle Gear Protects Floridians
If you have the unfortunate experience of getting into a motorcycle accident, the right gear can protect you from injury or death. Your body cannot withstand injuries at the speed your motorcycle travels even when cruising around town, so protective gear is a must.
Even if you don’t break any bones or experience any internal injuries in a fall, your skin could experience severe abrasions that could even expose muscles and bones at high speeds.…

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Florida Schools Are Back in Session – Driving Reminders to Stay Safe

Florida schools are just starting up for the fall. Although going back to school is exciting for kids (and a relief for many parents), this time of year also comes with increased risks for certain types of accidents, particularly in school zones. As students and drivers adjust to safety rules in school zones, there is often an increase in crashes.
School zones are often chaotic, so it may be easier to become involved in an accident than you think. Below we cover driving reminders to stay safe. More children are hit by cars near schools than in any other location. This means that as a responsible driver, you’ll need to share the road with pedestrians, buses, other drivers, and children on bicycles in school zones.

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Understanding Third Party Negligence in Florida Sexual Assault Claims

Sexual assault is a crime that has a long-lasting effect on survivors. They may require extensive medical help. Have difficulty returning to normal tasks like going to work. Struggle with dating and intimacy. Need to attend counseling sessions or treatment for the trauma of the incident.
While criminal charges and jail time for the perpetrator may offer some peace of mind, this peace of mind might not last long. Moreover, all too often those responsible for sexual violence face little to no criminal penalties.
Worse, all of those “effects” mentioned above tend to come with big financial costs that can easily become a huge drain on survivors. What can they do to get their lives back on track?…

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