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What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Negligence in Florida

Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean and Florida, leaving millions of dollars in property damage in its wake. Property damage can be fixed, though. For the families of 11 residents of a South Florida nursing home, their damage is beyond repair.
How so? The Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills is being accused of negligence in regards to the deaths of 11 of its elderly residents during Hurricane Irma.
In a wrongful death suit brought by the family of Miguel Antonio Franco, one of the residents who died, they claim “the facility failed to provide proper air conditioning and that patients suffered for days because of sweltering temperatures resulting from loss of power to AC units.”
The lawsuit also claims that the nursing home didn’t make the necessary and timely calls for emergency help and failed to give proper care to Franco’s wife, who survived, but was in the hospital in serious condition.…

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Protect Your Kids in a Florida Accident by Using the Right Car Seat

As a parent, you do your best to protect your child and minimize risks by every means possible, including driving safely to prevent auto accidents. However, some crashes just can’t be prevented, in which case a car set will dramatically reduce your child’s risk of serious injury or death.
However, not just any car seat will do. To keep your child as safe as possible, it is imperative that you use the proper car seat for your child’s age and size, and that you follow proper use and installation guidelines.
Why you need a car seat
The sad reality is that car crashes kill more children in the US than any other type of child injury, causing nearly 700 child deaths annually.…

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Category: Defective Products

What You Need to Prove to Win a Florida Defective Product Lawsuit

If you have been injured by a defective product, the court may award compensation to you for your pain, suffering, and losses. Moreover, your case may have the potential to hold a company accountable for their defective product in such a way that they are driven to make changes that protect more people going forward.
Economic damages may be awarded for the following:

Lost income, both past and future
Medical expenses
Funeral expenses
Lost services and support
Replacement value
Loss of appraised real property value
Costs of repairs, including labor, profit and overhead
Any other loss that occurred only due to the injury or harm of the situation

If you were partially at fault for the accident, your damages will be reduced proportionally.…

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Stop Child Injuries: What Florida Parents Should Watch Out For

Every parent wants to keep their children from getting injured. They spend countless hours worrying about the various bad things that could potentially happen to their kids, and gobs of money on all kinds of safety equipment.
The bad news is that you can’t stop every bad thing from happening. The good news, though, is that the likelihood of many childhood injuries can be reduced significantly.
You just have to pick your battles and focus on the things that you can (largely) control. To that end, here’s a list of the most common childhood injuries that Florida parents can watch for and work to prevent.
Know the Most Common Childhood Injuries So You Can Understand How to Minimize Them
Injuries are the top reason for childhood fatalities each year, and they account for the majority of childhood emergency room visits. …

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Category: Wrongful Death

10 Accidents That Commonly Lead to Wrongful Death Suits in Florida

Wrongful death suits are filed when a loved one dies due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness. They are not a way to get paid for the death of someone you care about, nor are they intended to assign a dollar value to your loved one.
The point of filing a wrongful death suit is hold the responsible party or parties accountable, shed light on bad habits or practices to hopefully reduce the chances of something similar happening to another, and to cover the cost of losing someone – including medical fees, funeral costs, lost income, and so on.
Of course, you can’t simply file a wrongful death suit just because a loved one passes away.…

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Category: Medical Malpractice

The 4 Most Common Reasons People File Medical Malpractice Claims

When we seek medical attention, we trust that we are in good hands and will receive a high standard of care. Usually this is the case, but occasionally a healthcare professional breaches this obligation. If this happens, it can have devastating consequences.
It is important to remember that not every instance of being unhappy with a doctor constitutes medical malpractice. Rather, medical malpractice occurs when an error made by a healthcare professional results in the injury or death of a patient. If you feel that the error of a medical professional has caused injury to you, or injury or death to a loved one, a knowledgeable Florida personal injury lawyer can help you assess your options.…

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Category: Truck Accidents

A Big Rig Hits You in Florida: Who’s Liable?

If you’re driving in Florida and have the scary and unfortunate experience of being struck by a big rig, you may be surprised to learn at who’s actually at fault for the accident.
Over 500,000 accidents involving tractor trailers occur each year in the United States. Sound like a lot? Actually, it isn’t. Tractor trailers are involved in just three percent of all injury-causing automobile accidents each year. However, these types of accidents tend to result in more extensive damage due to the massive size and weight of the large trucks.
Two recent accidents on Florida highways involving big rigs illustrates this. One accident involved two semi-trucks and two passenger vehicles.…

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Category: 4th Of July | Accidents | Holidays

4 Injuries to Watch Out for This 4th of July

When it comes to the 4th of July, our focus tends to be on barbecuing, fireworks, drinking, and partying. We often don’t think about all the things that can go wrong during this important holiday.
Like what? Well, Independence Day festivities can sometimes lead to severe injuries – in fact, it’s one of the deadliest holidays around. That’s the bad news, but here’s the good: most of accidents and injuries that occur are entirely preventable.
The trick is in knowing what kind of injuries you should watch out for so that you can take proper safety precautions and be prepared. Because of this, below we are going to describe four of the most common injuries that occur and how you can avoid them.…

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What Happens If You Slip and Fall While on Vacation in Florida?

What are your summer plans?
Even if you are staying here in Florida for the summer, you have plenty of options for a fun, relaxing vacation. You could take a river cruise, hit the beach, or spend a day at one of Florida’s many amusement parks or attractions. While most vacations go off without a hitch, it is important to know what to do in case you slip and fall while you’re trying to relax and have some vacation fun.
Let’s look at an example. In 2013, a woman was at Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon when she slipped and fell on a wet substance around one of the park’s wave pools.…

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House Passes Bill to Reduce Mass Tort and Class Action Lawsuits

When a widely used product causes damages to a lot of people, the victims may all file together against the manufacturer in something called a “mass tort” or a “class action lawsuit.” These types of lawsuits make it easier for each person to get the compensation they need.
How do they work? By taking part in a class action or mass tort lawsuit, each individual plaintiff will not have go to through the long, drawn-out process of going to trial (although this often results in less money awarded per person).
If you are considering filing a claim in a mass tort or class action lawsuit, you may want to check in with your lawmakers first.…

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