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No, the Florida Supreme Court’s Recent Decision Won’t Change Bad Faith

Bad faith insurance occurs when the insurer somehow fails to honor the terms of an insurance policy, acting in so-called “bad faith.”
Bad faith insurance claims can become surprisingly complex, particularly when a third party becomes involved. Courts sometimes rely on precedent from prior bad faith cases to make a final judgment, meaning that high-profile cases often cause a stir in the legal community due to potential changes in precedent.
A recent ruling by the Florida supreme court has drawn significant attention, with some predicting that the ruling will significantly change how bad faith insurance cases are handled in Florida.
Below, we’re going to detail the ruling, and why it is unlikely to cause much of a change.…

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How Florida Parents Get Kids Riding Again after a Bike Crash (and Why)

A bike crash is often a frightening and traumatic experience for children – especially if the crash was severe. This can lead to a lot of anxiety when it comes to getting your little one back in the saddle. Sometimes for parents and children alike.
In most cases, it’s best to get your child back to riding her bike as soon as health and safety concerns have been addressed – more on that below. Getting back on the proverbial horse (or bike) will help your kid regain her confidence, and to overcome some of the fear and anxiety that may be lingering from the crash.
However, pushing your child to start riding again can often be counterproductive, leading to more anxiety that will ultimately compound on itself.…

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Outdoor Slips and Trips: What Causes Floridians to Fall When Outside?

Most of the time when you hear about someone slipping and falling outside, it’s due to weather, and the vast majority of those accidents are a result of weather Floridians don’t really see – snow and ice.
So, why exactly do people in Florida slip and fall outdoors?
Regardless of our warm weather, there are all kinds of conditions that can lead to Floridians falling while outside. Below, we’re going to detail some of the most the common causes of outdoor slip and fall accidents, as well as what you can do to seek compensation if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence.
Cluttered areas
If you are walking in an area cluttered by items or debris, you have an increased risk of slipping and falling.…

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Category: Electocution

How Floridians Can Fight Back after an Electrocution Injury

If you experience an electrocution injury, who can you hold responsible? In this post, we’ll describe common reasons for electrocution injuries and how you can fight back for compensation if someone else caused your injury.
The Risk of Electrocution
It’s easy to take electricity for granted in our plugged-in society. It’s also easy to forget that electricity can cause serious health issues or death if the current does not flow properly.
Every year, about 400 people are killed in the U.S. due to electrocution injuries, and another 4,400 are injured.
Electrocution often occurs on the job, especially in the construction industry. It is second only to falls as the leading cause of death for construction workers.…

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Understanding Third Party Negligence in Florida Sexual Assault Claims

Sexual assault is a crime that has a long-lasting effect on survivors. They may require extensive medical help. Have difficulty returning to normal tasks like going to work. Struggle with dating and intimacy. Need to attend counseling sessions or treatment for the trauma of the incident.
While criminal charges and jail time for the perpetrator may offer some peace of mind, this peace of mind might not last long. Moreover, all too often those responsible for sexual violence face little to no criminal penalties.
Worse, all of those “effects” mentioned above tend to come with big financial costs that can easily become a huge drain on survivors. What can they do to get their lives back on track?…

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Category: Bicycle Accidents

Top Ways Drivers Cause Florida Bike Accidents

Bicycling has many advantages for Floridians. You get exercise. Save on gas money and auto repairs. Leave less of a carbon footprint.
Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks is a lack of safety, and one of the biggest reasons for this is the high number of bicycle accidents caused by vehicles every year. In this post, we’ll explain how negligent drivers often cause bicycle accidents and what to do if you have been hurt.

Bicycle Injuries and Motorists in Florida
About half a million bicyclists visit emergency rooms with injuries every year in the U.S., and over 800 people die from bicycle accidents. Many of these deaths and injuries are caused by crashes with motor vehicles, and these numbers continue to rise.…

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Florida Tesla Fire Raises Questions about Defective Cars and Liability

A recent Tesla crash that involved the car catching fire and killed two teens is now being investigated by authorities.
A 2014 Tesla Model S allegedly had a battery fire, which led to the deaths of two 18-year-old male teens. A third teenaged male was ejected from the vehicle and was treated for injuries. The police report indicates that speed played a role in the crash. The Fort Lauderdale incident is now under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
In this post, we’ll discuss how auto defects create liability for crash injuries, and we’ll explain how compensation works for car crash product liability cases.
Numerous Tesla Accidents Involving Fires
Tesla cars have been in the news for several fires over the past few years.…

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Florida Fan Injuries: Who’s to Blame If You’re Hurt Watching a Game?

If you are hurt while watching your favorite Florida team, who is responsible for your injuries? In this post, we’re going to detail recent incidents at baseball stadiums around the country and help you understand what the law says about injury liability.
Are MLB Games Safe for Fans?
At the beginning of the 2018 season, new padded poles were added to hold up extended netting at Yankee Stadium. However, the poles were taken down only a few weeks into the season because some complained that they obstructed the view. Now, a suspended steel cable is holding up netting that runs from home plate all the way to the outfield.…

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Category: Medical Malpractice

Just How Common Is Medical Malpractice in Florida?

Medical malpractice in Florida is much more common than you may realize. How common?
Take a look at just a few stats:

Nearly $4 billion is paid out in medical malpractice claims each year in the United States.
Other than death, the top reasons for injury claims include significant or major permanent injury, brain damage, and lifelong care.
Allegations are most frequently related to misdiagnosis, surgery, and treatment.
Inpatient medical errors account for 45 percent of all payouts. Outpatient errors make up 41 percent. Both inpatient and outpatient errors make up nine percent of total payouts.
Florida ranks in the top five states for highest medical malpractice

Why are there so many medical malpractice cases?…

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Category: Child Accidents | Easter

Easter Injuries Florida Parents Need to Know About

Most people don’t think of Easter as a time when people tend to get injured, but every year people get hurt in various accidents related to the holiday.
What kind of accidents?
Well, one mother in Oregon is seeking $112,000 in damages after she was allegedly injured in a 2016 egg hunt. Rachel Townsend took her son and niece to the event held in Happy Valley, Oregon. According to the lawsuit, Townsend was pushed and knocked to the ground when older children and unregistered egg hunters rushed the field.
She is holding the venue and planning company liable for her injuries, which include a torn meniscus and partially torn ligament in her knee along with other sprains and strains.…

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