L. M. was a passenger in his employer’s truck being driven by a co-worker when it was struck by Christopher Page, who was driving his parents’ Corvette. As a result, L.M. suffered multiple injuries requiring surgery. The Defendants held a Bodily Injury policy of $100,000, and L.M. held an Uninsured Motorist policy of $10,000. Rather than simply accept those policies, Lawlor, White & Murphey worked to find additional coverage. As a result, an additional $100,000 was obtained from L.M.’s employer’s carrier for failing to obtain a valid UM rejection. Christopher Page’s parents were divorced and the firm successfully argued the single $100,000 policy limit should be doubled, ultimately recovering $100,000 on behalf of each parent. Before accepting the $200,000 from the parents’ insurance company, the firm required financial affidavits from each Defendant, which revealed the father was a high wage earner. Thereafter, he personally contributed an additional $35,000 to the settlement.