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$3,300,000 Pre-Trial Settlement

G. and J. T. were rear-ended in their Nissan Sentra by a private school bus operated by an elderly driver with terminal cancer. Mr. and Mrs. T.’s injuries were catastrophic, but both have made excellent recoveries after lengthy hospital stays and surgeries. The defendant bus company destroyed evidence in violation of a Court Order, and this was a factor in obtaining the ultimate result.

$5,000,000 Arbitration Award with Confidential Pre-Trial Settlement

B. G. was a practicing Chiropractor involved in two auto accidents less than six months apart. As a result of his spinal injuries, he underwent back and neck surgeries. The back surgery failed, and Dr. G. developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

$1,900,000.00 Pre-Trial Settlement

The litigation team at Lawlor, White & Murphey in Fort Lauderdale, Florida obtained a $1.9 Million pre-trial settlement for a 56 year old woman struck by a car.  The victim sustained multiple open fractures of the lower extremities and did not have distal pulses in the lower extremities or the left upper extremity at the scene of the accident.  After being rushed to the hospital, she underwent multiple emergency surgeries to save her limbs, and months of in-patient treatment thereafter.  The victim’s past medical bills exceeded $446,000.00.  She is expected to live with severe disabilities for the rest of her life.

$300,000 Pre-Suit Settlement

M.H. was driving her car on Lake Worth Road in West Palm Beach FL, and was about to turn in to a local business’s parking lot when Michael Bonomolo failed to notice M.H.’s vehicle, and struck her from the rear. Bonomolo caused significant damage to Hernandez’s car, and an ambulance took M.H. to a local hospital from the accident scene. An MRI revealed the accident caused multiple herniated disks in M.H.’s back. M.H. underwent spinal surgery and suffered through more than a year of painful rehabilitation. During that time, M.H. missed a significant amount of work. M.H.’s attorney, Ben Murphey, sent Bonomolo’s insurance carrier a detailed demand package requesting a tender of Bonomolo’s policy limits. The recovery represents the carrier’s entire policy limit for Bonomolo.

$837,500 Pre-Trial Settlement

H.M. was riding his motorcycle on Federal Highway in Hollywood, Florida when he was cut off by a driver who was driving a BMW leased for him by his company, Mazel & Co., Inc.  HM suffered multiple injuries, including a broken back which required surgery and implantation of Harrington Rods fusing his entire lumbar spine.  Handelman was arrested for DUI at the scene of the accident, but charges were subsequently dropped due to the termination and arrest of the investigating officer in an unrelated matter.  Notwithstanding, Lawlor, White & Murphey was permitted to bring a claim for Punitive Damages against both Handelman and Mazel & Co.