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$250,000.00 Settlement

Doe hired A Florida Law Firm to handle an insurance claim against an insurance company.  After the insurance claim was filed, Doe’s insurance company became insolvent.  The Florida Law Firm failed to timely file a lawsuit for Doe’s claim.  Lawlor, White & Murphey litigated Doe’s claim concurrently in multiple courts.  After a multi-day mediation involving numerous claimants against the Florida Law Firm, the case settled for a global settlement with a confidentiality agreement.  This case exemplifies how Lawlor, White & Murphey is able to successfully represent clients in complex legal matters involving multiple actions pending in different courts.

Confidential Settlement

Ms. P was injured in an automobile accident in 2001.  After her accident, Ms. P hired Attorney David Rowe to represent her.  Mr. Rowe filed a lawsuit in 2004 on her behalf but failed to prosecute the suit.  In December of 2005, the trial court dismissed Ms. P’s lawsuit for failure to prosecute after issuing a notice of the impending dismissal.  Mr. Rowe failed to take appropriate action to protect Ms. P’s claims.  Instead, Mr. Rowe refilled the lawsuit in August of 2007, not realizing that the statute of limitations had already run on Ms. P’s claims.  For unknown reasons, the defense attorney did not notice the statute of limitations had run and answered the lawsuit.  Amazingly, Mr. Rowe failed to prosecute the second lawsuit just as he had the first one.  The trial court dismissed the second lawsuit for failure to prosecute after issuing a notice of impending dismissal.  The case settled for a confidential amount at mediation.

Confidential Settlement

Lawyers failed to Protect Client’s Intellectual Property

A law firm was hired to protect a client’s intellectual property.  The law firm failed to take the time to fully understand the client’s creation and to properly advise the client on how to best protect it.  The law firm drafted documents that failed to provide the client with the greatest protection, and when a competitor brought a similar creation to market the client discovered the error made by the lawyers.  The lawyers denied any wrongdoing and claimed too much time had passed to hold them responsible.  The case settled for a confidential amount.


Confidential Settlement

criminal_justice_jurisprudence-21Lawyers Failed to Analyze Documents and Law Correctly. A client was involved in multiple legal disputes and wanted to protect some assets.  She hired a law firm to review several complex financial documents.  The lawyer told the client he knew how to accomplish her goal quickly.  The lawyer filed a lawsuit that was dismissed.  Instead of learning from that mistake, the lawyer filed the lawsuit again.  The lawyer’s plan of action was contrary to clearly established law.  The lawsuit failed to accomplish the client’s goal and caused the client to pay a large attorney’s fee to the institution that was sued.  As a final insult, the lawyer claimed the client owed him money for the bad advice.  The case settled for a confidential amount.