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Confidential Pre-Trial Recovery

Ms. G. delivered a baby girl, Brithney, with massive birth defects at home. After being transported to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) of BMH, Brithney lived for three days before dying due to her birth defects. Brithney’s body was taken to BMH’s morgue, and placed on the cooler floor. Thereafter, a BMH employee mistook Brithney’s remains for garbage, and incinerated it.

J. & D. H. v. Plantation General Hospital: Confidential Pre-trial Recovery

J. and D. H. were expecting the birth of their first child, a son to be named Danny, when they presented to PGH for a planned induction of labor. They arrived at approximately 12 midnight and were left unattended despite numerous pleas for assistance due to lack of fetal movement until 4:00am. By that time, Danny had died in utero from a massive feto-maternal hemorrhage. Shortly before settlement, the Court granted a rare Motion to Amend to Claim Punitive Damages against the Defendant.

Confidential Pre-trial Settlement for Defendant’s Policy Limits

Z. H. suffered birth related brain injuries due to the Defendant OB/GYN’s negligence.

$1,250,000 Verdict

Multiple defendants misdiagnosed D. M.’s adrenal cortical cancer which, ultimately, resulted in his death at age 32. D.M. left behind a widow and three-year old son. The verdict was reduced by 50% comparative negligence. The Defendant Physician only held a $250,000 policy of insurance and his insurer, rather than defend a Bad Faith action, paid the Judgment.

$2,013,000 Settlement

M. T. was the victim of misdiagnosed lung cancer. After presenting to her family doctor and urologist for kidney stones in April, 2000, she was sent for a routine chest x-ray to clear her for a lithotripsy procedure. The radiologist saw a small questionable area of increased density in her left mid lung field and recommended further study via shallow oblique film, or chest CT scan. The report was received by her internist and urologist, but was not read for 16 months. At that time, M.T.’s condition had advanced, requiring that a portion of her lung be removed, and that she undergo chemotherapy and radiation for metastatic lung cancer.