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Lawmakers Push to Punish Auto Manufacturers for Faulty Products

Can you imagine trying to sell a car without seatbelts? It wasn’t so long ago that doing so was not only possible, but quite common.
In 1966, President Johnson signed the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. This groundbreaking legislation set safety standards that has led to things like the presence of airbags, antilock brakes, and seatbelts. It also greatly reduced the amount of auto accidents and traffic-related fatalities. Estimates say that the law has saved 453,000 lives since 1975.
How did the law come about?
It was inspired partially by “Unsafe at Any Speed,” a book written by Ralph Nader (yes, that Ralph Nader). The book notoriously called out automakers for hesitating to add safety features, and the lack of regulation that allowed automobiles to be so unsafe.…

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Seat Backs Cause Tesla to Recall 2,700 Vehicles

More and more people are concerned about the environment and the sustainability of using oil and gasoline to power vehicles. Ethanol, propane, biodiesel, solar, steam, natural gas, and fuel cells are all alternative energy sources to the gasoline-powered engine. But so far electricity is the only one that has been able to have real commercial success.
Numerous car manufacturers are now offering electric or hybrid model cars to eco-conscious drivers. Just some of the electric cars on the market include:

BMW i3
Chevrolet Spark EV
Fiat 500e
Ford Focus EV
Kia Soul EV
Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric
Mitsubishi i
Nissan Leaf
Smart Electric Drive
Tesla models
Volkswagen eGolf

Out of all electric car manufacturers, it seems that Tesla gets the most attention.…

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