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Category: Boat Accidents

How Florida Boating Injury Lawsuits Work  

If you have been injured in a Florida boating accident due to another’s negligent actions, a skilled boating accident lawyer can help you put together a successful claim.
Below, we’re going to explain what you need to do to file a Florida boating injury lawsuit and how the entire process works.
Main Types of Boating Accidents in Florida
The majority of recreational boating accidents in Florida include:
Hitting Another Boat
When two boats collide, most of the time both boat operators will be held partially responsible. The court will determine the percentage of responsibility based on the facts of the case.
For example, if one boat operator was speeding but the other boat operator was in a restricted area, they may both be at fault for the accident.…

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Category: Boat Accidents

What to Do After a Boating Accident

If you are an experienced boater, you know that the open sea is a great place to relax and unwind. However, if you’re involved in an accident, the peace that should come with being at sea is instantly out the window. In fact, the moments following a boating accident can be extremely shocking regardless of how much time you’ve logged on the water.
Unfortunately, boating accidents happen all too often. Just like on the road, there are countless scenarios that could result in an accident, no matter how experienced you are. And despite all the precautions you may take, sometimes these accidents are unavoidable.
3 “In Case-of-Emergency” Steps That All Boaters Must Know
If you find yourself in the unfortunate and frightening position of being involved in a boating accident, it is important that you know what steps to take.…

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