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Protect Your Kids in a Florida Accident by Using the Right Car Seat

As a parent, you do your best to protect your child and minimize risks by every means possible, including driving safely to prevent auto accidents. However, some crashes just can’t be prevented, in which case a car set will dramatically reduce your child’s risk of serious injury or death.
However, not just any car seat will do. To keep your child as safe as possible, it is imperative that you use the proper car seat for your child’s age and size, and that you follow proper use and installation guidelines.
Why you need a car seat
The sad reality is that car crashes kill more children in the US than any other type of child injury, causing nearly 700 child deaths annually.…

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3 Ways Summer Heat Can Cause Auto Injuries

Summer is a dangerous time to drive: more drunk drivers are out on the road, more new drivers are out on the road, and more confused tourists are out on the road.
But even if you take other drivers out of the picture, the summer months still have their own inherent climate-related dangers – especially here in Florida! The heat alone is dangerous for passengers and drivers alike. The most important things to watch out for during the summer months include: tire failure, heat stroke, and an overheated engine.
Tire Failure. We all know that more people are out on the roads and using their cars during the summer months.…

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Children on Family Cruise Ships:  Are You Putting Their Lives at Risk?

Are spending a lovely, relaxing vacation with your spouse and enjoying the company of your children mutually exclusive? Granted, in the past there weren’t a lot of options for vacationers if they didn’t want to be called “Mom” and “Dad” or have to change diapers in between guided tours. But then, cruise ships came along, with their one-of-a-kind offer, and revolutionized the world of vacationing as we knew it: they introduced the perfect family vacation, without compromising adults’ relaxation or children’s fun.
The Perks of Fun-Filled Family Cruise
“Family cruises” is how they’re called, and they allow both parents and children to be happy in their own age-related manner.…

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