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Motor Vehicle Crashes Are the Number One Killer of Children

Kids will be kids. They love to run, jump… and get themselves into situations where they get hurt. Your children need to explore and learn from little bumps and bruises, but it is still your number one job as a parent to keep your children safe.
So what can you do to protect your child? Focus on the most prevalent dangers. There are a number of common child injuries that can lead to fatalities, including:


In our country, though, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration consistently reports that automobile crashes kill more children than any other type of child injury or accident.…

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Why Child Auto Safety Goes Beyond Car Seats

You’ve spent top dollar on a state-of-the-art car seat for your child that perfectly fits their weight and age. The car seat meets every safety requirement and even has a cup holder to avoid (okay, reduce) spills from sippy cups and snack containers. You’ve buckled your child in, and you’re all set to hit the road… right?
Unfortunately, a recent recall from BMW shows that child auto safety requires more than just a regulation car seat.
BMW had to recall model year 2011-2017 X3, and model year 2015-2017 X4 SUVs. This recall affects over 600,000 SUVs around the world, and over 180,000 of those SUVs have been purchased in the United States.…

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