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Florida Schools Are Back in Session – Driving Reminders to Stay Safe

Florida schools are just starting up for the fall. Although going back to school is exciting for kids (and a relief for many parents), this time of year also comes with increased risks for certain types of accidents, particularly in school zones. As students and drivers adjust to safety rules in school zones, there is often an increase in crashes.
School zones are often chaotic, so it may be easier to become involved in an accident than you think. Below we cover driving reminders to stay safe. More children are hit by cars near schools than in any other location. This means that as a responsible driver, you’ll need to share the road with pedestrians, buses, other drivers, and children on bicycles in school zones.

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Why So Many Florida Kids Get Hurt in Bounce Houses

With their bright, cheery colors and soft appearances, it’s hard to imagine that bounce houses could possibly be dangerous. However, all you have to do is do a quick internet search for bounce house accidents, and you will be greeted with terrifying videos of bouncy castles floating high in the air or trapped in powerlines. And that’s just the beginning.
Here are just a few of the worst-reported accidents:

A 3-year-old in Washington was killed after two adults fell on him, fracturing his skull.
Two New York kindergartners were seriously injured after their bounce house was blown 50 feet into the air by a gust of wind, and they fell out, landing on a parked car and on asphalt, respectively.…

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Halloween Safety Tips That Every Florida Parent Should Know

The costumes, candy, and spooky decorations make Halloween fun for parents and children alike. However, Halloween also presents several risks for younger participants, so it’s important for parents to use extra precautions on Halloween.
Here are some handy tips your children can use to stay safe.

Light colors are best because they are easiest to see at night. For dark costumes, affix reflective tape. You can use the tape on trick-or-treat bags as well.
If possible, choose costumes that are flame resistant. When making your own costumes, choose nylon or polyester fabrics, which are flame-retardant.
Put a name and phone number on a tag inside your child’s costume for easy identification.…

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Stop Child Injuries: What Florida Parents Should Watch Out For

Every parent wants to keep their children from getting injured. They spend countless hours worrying about the various bad things that could potentially happen to their kids, and gobs of money on all kinds of safety equipment.
The bad news is that you can’t stop every bad thing from happening. The good news, though, is that the likelihood of many childhood injuries can be reduced significantly.
You just have to pick your battles and focus on the things that you can (largely) control. To that end, here’s a list of the most common childhood injuries that Florida parents can watch for and work to prevent.
Know the Most Common Childhood Injuries So You Can Understand How to Minimize Them
Injuries are the top reason for childhood fatalities each year, and they account for the majority of childhood emergency room visits. …

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Watch Out for School Supplies with Harmful Toxins

Most school-age children have mixed feelings when it comes time to go back to school. However, purchasing new school supplies for back-to-school is almost universally something that is eagerly anticipated – who doesn’t love that new eraser smell?
Although most school supplies are carefully regulated and completely safe for your children, some have been found to contain harmful toxins and should be avoided. This guide can help you identify which school supplies are toxic so you can stay away from them.
Back-to-School Items You Need to Keep Your Kids Away From
Asbestos-containing crayons. It may seem crazy in today’s day and age, but some crayons – particularly those manufactured outside of the United States – may contain asbestos.…

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Motor Vehicle Crashes Are the Number One Killer of Children

Kids will be kids. They love to run, jump… and get themselves into situations where they get hurt. Your children need to explore and learn from little bumps and bruises, but it is still your number one job as a parent to keep your children safe.
So what can you do to protect your child? Focus on the most prevalent dangers. There are a number of common child injuries that can lead to fatalities, including:


In our country, though, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration consistently reports that automobile crashes kill more children than any other type of child injury or accident.…

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9 Safety Tips Your Children Should Know This School Year

As the summer starts to wind down, you may find yourself replacing your kids’ camping gear with new clothes, notebooks, pens, and other necessary school supplies.
But before your children head off for their first day of the new school year, spend some time teaching them some valuable things – namely, how to stay safe in school, as well as when traveling between school and home.
Use these tips to ensure a safe start to the new school year:
Drive Carefully During School Hours. If your teen just got his or her license in the past few months, they are probably ecstatic to finally be driving themselves to school.…

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3 Ways Summer Heat Can Cause Auto Injuries

Summer is a dangerous time to drive: more drunk drivers are out on the road, more new drivers are out on the road, and more confused tourists are out on the road.
But even if you take other drivers out of the picture, the summer months still have their own inherent climate-related dangers – especially here in Florida! The heat alone is dangerous for passengers and drivers alike. The most important things to watch out for during the summer months include: tire failure, heat stroke, and an overheated engine.
Tire Failure. We all know that more people are out on the roads and using their cars during the summer months.…

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Who is Responsible for Your Child’s Injury at School?

If you are the parent of a child or children, you know this one universal truth: accidents happen. They happen a lot.
When you take your children to school, you know that accidents don’t stop happening, although you expect them to happen less under the constant supervision of teachers and adults. But still, kids can get hurt, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes, these incidents are enough to cause concern, or result in major injuries for your child.
What do you do, as a parent, if your child ends up getting injured at school? From a legal standpoint, there are quite a few options. To understand how best to handle the situation, you have to evaluate the actual occurrence and consider if the school or other parties are liable.…

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5 Common Back-to-School Injuries and How to Avoid them

Now that September is well underway, young students across Florida have said goodbye to summer vacation and are settling into their school routines.
But as your family becomes comfortable with their school schedule, it’s important that you don’t also become relaxed when it comes to safety. Every year, an estimated 25 percent of child injuries and accidents occur in and around schools. To ensure a safe back-to-school season, it’s important that you and your youngsters remain aware of the risks and hazards that arise when children go back to school.
We’ve listed five of the most common back-to-school injuries and illnesses below, along with safety tips for students on avoiding them.…

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