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Most Common Reasons Floridians File Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Homeowners’ insurance is often required by the lender, but what if something really does happen to harm your home? How do you know when to file a claim?
In this post, we’ll go over the top reasons why Florida homeowners file insurance claims – and how a skilled insurance claim lawyer can help.
Many Floridians file claims each year due to theft. It’s wise to install a home security system, keep doors and windows locked, refrain from hiding spare keys outdoors, and having a neighbor or friend check your home while you’re away.
Wind and Storm Damage
Florida has its share of strong winds, especially during hurricane season.…

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Your Rights When Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim in Florida

You take pride in your home and faithfully pay your homeowners insurance premiums – but do you know what to do when you need to file a claim? In this post, we’ll discuss what homeowners’ insurance covers as well as your rights to file a claim under Florida law.
How Homeowners’ Insurance Policies Work
Florida law does not require homeowners to carry insurance. However, if you have a mortgage on your home, your lender likely requires a homeowners’ insurance policy in the mortgage agreement. Homeowners’ insurance protects against property loss and certain damages. It is typically organized into several coverage components, including the following:
The reason most lenders require you to carry homeowners’ insurance is to protect them from financial loss if your home is damaged.…

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