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House Passes Bill to Reduce Mass Tort and Class Action Lawsuits

When a widely used product causes damages to a lot of people, the victims may all file together against the manufacturer in something called a “mass tort” or a “class action lawsuit.” These types of lawsuits make it easier for each person to get the compensation they need.
How do they work? By taking part in a class action or mass tort lawsuit, each individual plaintiff will not have go to through the long, drawn-out process of going to trial (although this often results in less money awarded per person).
If you are considering filing a claim in a mass tort or class action lawsuit, you may want to check in with your lawmakers first.…

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What Is a Mass Torts Case…and Do You Have One?

A tort is a civil wrong committed by a person or company that results in physical or emotional harm, financial loss, or property damage. Pretty much every single case that personal injury lawyers deal with involves torts and tort laws. You are filing a lawsuit and seeking damages because you have experienced a tort.
So what’s a mass tort? It’s a single tort that causes injury to numerous victims. Like other personal injury cases, mass tort lawsuits usually include some form of negligence – the failure to use reasonable care. But in these situations that negligence impacted a large group of people.
Mass tort lawsuits are different from class action lawsuits.…

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“Tort Reform” Does Not Actually Produce Savings

“Tort reform,” which places caps on medical malpractice payouts to plaintiffs, is often touted as a means of driving health care costs down and attracting more doctors to a state. But, as it turns out, placing a monetary cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases does not actually have a significant impact on health care costs.
That is what a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals. While proponents of “tort reform” often argue that this type of stringent reform is necessary to cut down on the cost of defensive medicine—that is, unnecessary tests and procedures carried out only to avoid a lawsuit—the study suggests that any savings produced are marginal.…

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