Is Your Loved One Being Neglected in Their Florida Nursing Home?


How do you know if your loved one is being neglected in their long term living facility?


Neglect is one of the most common forms of nursing home abuse across the country. Your loved one may suffer both physical and psychological suffering from neglect, and it’s important to know how to recognize it to stop the damage.


Below, we’re going to detail the different signs to watch for and what you should do if your loved one is being neglected.


Staffing Problems


Do you rarely see a familiar face among the staff when you visit your loved one? If so, the facility may have high turnover rates. This is common problem in the nursing care industry due to various factors such as low pay rates. However, it also may indicate a lack of adequate training or other management problems. Your loved one may experience neglect because the facility’s staff isn’t able to meet patient needs.


Unclean Facilities


You may notice that the linens on your loved one’s bed are soiled or not changed often enough. You may also see or smell problems that the staff should have cleaned up.  Poorly maintained facilities can put your loved one at risk of falls, infection or even death in some cases.


Poor Hygiene


If your loved one’s clothing is dirty or his or her appearance is unkempt, the staff may not be attending to their needs. If your loved one needs help with bathing, dressing, combing hair, brushing teeth, and other personal care tasks, they will depend on the staff for help. Take note of your loved one’s appearance and determine whether neglect may be the cause for inadequate care.


Lack of Hydration or Nutrition


Your loved one may be suffering from dehydration or low nutrition through no fault of their own. If the staff is not attending to your loved one’s nutritional needs due to neglect, you may have grounds for a claim.


Injuries with No Logical Explanation


Sometimes when nursing home residents are neglected, they will try to do things for themselves and suffer injuries. If you notice bruises, fractures, or signs of head injury that have no logical explanation, they may be signs that indicate your loved one is being neglected. Falls are a serious risk for nursing home residents and can cause permanent disabilities. A good long term care facility will have measures in place to prevent falls and help at-risk patients.


Loss of Mobility


Adequate care facilities will encourage your loved one to be mobile. If your loved one lays in bed too long, he or she may lose the ability to be mobile. Your loved one may also develop bed sores and other health problems. Neglect may be to blame.


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Mood Changes


If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected, look for psychological signals such as fear, anger, withdrawal, and depression. Get help right away so you can make necessary changes.


If Your Loved One is Being Neglected


Contact your local ombudsman, the police, and/or an experienced Florida nursing home neglect attorney as soon as neglect is discovered. Your actions will not only protect your loved one, but also the other nursing home residents who are being harmed. Call today for a free case review.



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