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In personal injury law, the verdicts and settlements can certainly measure that of a firm’s success; however, the extent of injuries both mental and physical can cause such distress that the settlements may not necessarily reflect the victim’s true pain. We understand that and are sensitive to our clients’ needs. We want to gain results commensurate with the pain, suffering and unjust that might have happened during this difficult time. While nothing can replace the loss of a loved one or hurt of a family member, friend or even yourself, we want you to have confidence that we will do our best to fight to undo the wrong done to you. We know that no experience is alike, and no client has the exact same needs. At Lawlor, White & Murphey, we don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” cases, but building a customized approach around you.


You are important – at Lawlor, White & Murphey we believe every client deserves justice.


A sampling of some noteworthy cases, verdicts and settlements are listed here, and details given below. If you have questions about any type of case, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

$837,500 Pre-Trial Settlement

H.M. was riding his motorcycle on Federal Highway in Hollywood, Florida when he was cut off by a driver who was driving a BMW leased for him by his company, Mazel & Co., Inc.  HM suffered multiple injuries, including a broken back which required surgery and implantation of Harrington Rods fusing his entire lumbar spine.  Handelman was arrested for DUI at the scene of the accident, but charges were subsequently dropped due to the termination and arrest of the investigating officer in an unrelated matter.  Notwithstanding, Lawlor, White & Murphey was permitted to bring a claim for Punitive Damages against both Handelman and Mazel & Co.

$300,000 Pre-Suit Settlement

M.H. was driving her car on Lake Worth Road in West Palm Beach FL, and was about to turn in to a local business’s parking lot when Michael Bonomolo failed to notice M.H.’s vehicle, and struck her from the rear. Bonomolo caused significant damage to Hernandez’s car, and an ambulance took M.H. to a local hospital from the accident scene. An MRI revealed the accident caused multiple herniated disks in M.H.’s back. M.H. underwent spinal surgery and suffered through more than a year of painful rehabilitation. During that time, M.H. missed a significant amount of work. M.H.’s attorney, Ben Murphey, sent Bonomolo’s insurance carrier a detailed demand package requesting a tender of Bonomolo’s policy limits. The recovery represents the carrier’s entire policy limit for Bonomolo.

$1,900,000.00 Pre-Trial Settlement

The litigation team at Lawlor, White & Murphey in Fort Lauderdale, Florida obtained a $1.9 Million pre-trial settlement for a 56 year old woman struck by a car.  The victim sustained multiple open fractures of the lower extremities and did not have distal pulses in the lower extremities or the left upper extremity at the scene of the accident.  After being rushed to the hospital, she underwent multiple emergency surgeries to save her limbs, and months of in-patient treatment thereafter.  The victim’s past medical bills exceeded $446,000.00.  She is expected to live with severe disabilities for the rest of her life.

$5,000,000 Arbitration Award with Confidential Pre-Trial Settlement

B. G. was a practicing Chiropractor involved in two auto accidents less than six months apart. As a result of his spinal injuries, he underwent back and neck surgeries. The back surgery failed, and Dr. G. developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

$3,300,000 Pre-Trial Settlement

G. and J. T. were rear-ended in their Nissan Sentra by a private school bus operated by an elderly driver with terminal cancer. Mr. and Mrs. T.’s injuries were catastrophic, but both have made excellent recoveries after lengthy hospital stays and surgeries. The defendant bus company destroyed evidence in violation of a Court Order, and this was a factor in obtaining the ultimate result.

$890,350 Settlement

K. H. was 25-years old when the defendant driver, while in the course and scope of his employment with Trugreen, ran a red light as she was making a left turn. Ms. H.‘s injuries resulted in torn labra in both shoulders, and four unsuccessful surgeries attempting to repair same.

450,000 Recovery ($250,000 Jury Verdict for Plaintiff, $200,000 award of Attorney Fees and Costs)

R. P. suffered multiple fractured bones and lacerations when he rear-ended a Lyon’s tow truck which pulled out in front of him and stopped during rush hour on I-95 in Palm Beach County. Pre-trial, Plaintiff offered to accept $150,000 as full and final settlement. Defendant’s highest offer was $17,000. The jury returned a verdict in Plaintiff’s favor of $250,000 (which was reduced by 20% for Plaintiff’s comparative fault), and the Court entered an Order awarding Lawlor, White & Murphey $200,000 for attorney fees and costs due to the Defendant’s unreasonable rejection of Plaintiff’s pre-trial offer.

$345,000 Recovery on $110,000 in Coverage

L. M. was a passenger in his employer’s truck being driven by a co-worker when it was struck by Christopher Page, who was driving his parents’ Corvette. As a result, L.M. suffered multiple injuries requiring surgery. The Defendants held a Bodily Injury policy of $100,000, and L.M. held an Uninsured Motorist policy of $10,000. Rather than simply accept those policies, Lawlor, White & Murphey worked to find additional coverage. As a result, an additional $100,000 was obtained from L.M.’s employer’s carrier for failing to obtain a valid UM rejection. Christopher Page’s parents were divorced and the firm successfully argued the single $100,000 policy limit should be doubled, ultimately recovering $100,000 on behalf of each parent. Before accepting the $200,000 from the parents’ insurance company, the firm required financial affidavits from each Defendant, which revealed the father was a high wage earner. Thereafter, he personally contributed an additional $35,000 to the settlement.

$1,775,000 Pre-Trial settlement for Injuries Sustained in Motor Vehicle Rollover.

In 2001, Plaintiff was driving his Nissan Pathfinder on Florida Avenue in Tampa, Florida when Travis Noblitt exited a parking lot and struck the side of Plaintiff’s vehicle causing it to turn on its side. Plaintiff’s left arm was resting on the window at the time of the crash and the vehicle landed on top of the arm, causing a near-amputation crush injury. Plaintiff and his wife owned a cleaning company that they were forced to sell after Plaintiff could no longer work.

$8,500,000 Judgment

T. H. was 12 years old when he darted out into traffic in front of Bernice Volz, who was speeding and failed to take any evasive action until after her vehicle struck and ran over T.H., eviscerating and paralyzing him from the mid-chest down. Ms. Volz’s insurance company failed to tender payment of her $10,000 policy of insurance presuit, resulting in a bad-faith lawsuit which subsequently settled for a confidential amount.