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Unfortunately, vulnerable is exactly what you are if you’re on a motorcycle and you’re involved in a crash. Unlike with other kinds of automobiles, there’s nothing protecting your body from severe and sudden impacts. When other cars hit you or you crash into an object, often it’s not hitting the bike – it’s hitting you because there are no doors, windows, or roof to protect you. This very openness also causes another problem that’s common in most motorcycle accidents – you can get tossed from the bike and slam hard into the road or another vehicle.


Sound bad? It is. Many times, when motorcyclists are involved in crashes it results in serious injury, and sometimes even death. But if you or a loved one has been forced to go through this kind of trauma, you know that’s only the beginning. Beyond having to deal with serious injuries, lots of motorcycle accident victims also end up having to fight tooth and nail to get the compensation that they deserve for their pain and suffering. Don’t go through this fight alone – contact the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Lawlor, White & Murphey and discover what having an expert on your side can do for your case.


How Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Florida?


Since the year 2000, the numbers of crashes, injuries, and fatalities on motorcycles in Florida have all nearly doubled. Just as troubling, though, is the fact that although motorcycles only made up 3.6% of the motoring public in Florida, they accounted for just under 19% of traffic fatalities.


So, what’s causing all of these motorcycle accidents to occur in our state?


  • Alcohol . From 2005-2009, more than 30% of all motorcycle crashes in Florida involved people who had been drinking. Moreover, when motorcycle accidents caused a fatality someone tested positive for alcohol 32% of the time.
  • Mechanical issues. Cars and motorcycles have lots of independent parts that all have to work together correctly for the vehicle to run smoothly. Even if both parties in an accident were following the rules of the road, it’s possible for defective brakes, deflated tires, bad steering systems, and more to lead to a dangerous crash.
  • Speeding and recklessness. Motorcyclists have a reputation for being reckless, but often times it’s actually the driver of the car behaving in this manner that causes the accident.
  • Drivers not seeing bikes. It’s an unfortunate truth that motorcycles are smaller and harder to see than bigger cars and trucks. Worse, because they make up such a small percentage of vehicles on the road, drivers aren’t accustomed to having to watch out for bikes. This often leads to situations where cars violate motorcyclists’ right of way and even crash into them because the driver never knew they were there.
  • Bad road conditions. A high percentage of motorcycle accidents occur on turns because bikes are prone to skid and spin out if the tires can’t get enough traction. Well, the same thing is true if a bad storm has just hit Florida and the roads are wet or visibility is low. In short, biking in bad weather typically just isn’t a smart choice.


What Kinds of Injuries Result from Motorcycle Crashes?


Though it is possible to escape from a motorcycle accident with only minor injuries, those that do so are in the minority. Crash on your bike and there’s a good chance you’ll be spending time in the hospital – many need to undergo treatment and rehabilitation that lasts for weeks, months, or longer.


Just a few of the types of injuries that you can expect include.


Road Rash. This is the nickname for what happens to a motorcyclist’s skin when they are thrown from their bike and bounce and skid along the pavement. Best case scenario, you’re talking about a lot of redness and scraping, but in many cases riders have lost large patches of skin due to contact with the road.


Breaks and fractures. Some of the most commonly broken bones in motorcycle accidents are feet, legs, and hands, but those are by no means the only fractures that can occur. Collar bones, arms, and jaw bones are also at risk, as is, quite honestly, every single bone in your body.


Eye damage. If you hit your face or head, your eyes are at a great risk of serious damage. Some have even lost their eyes in motorcycle accidents due to objects piercing them or damage from extreme jostling.


Head and brain injuries. Safety councils have been imploring motorcyclists to wear helmets for years, and there’s a very good reason – when you fly off of a bike and hit your head, serious damage almost always follows. Victims have been known to exhibit cracked skulls, broken facial bones, concussions, brain bruising, and other types of brain damage.


Spinal cord injuries. Besides your brain, if there’s one area of your body that you really don’t want to damage, it’s your spinal cord. Unfortunately, the falls associated with many motorcycle accidents are precisely the kinds of things that cause harm to spinal cords. Basically, if you hit your spinal cord hard, you can bruise it, pinch the nerves, or even sever it completely. Why is this so bad? Because your spinal cord is what connects your brain to your body. Depending on the extent and location of the injury to it, you may have less overall strength, lose feeling in parts of your body, or even find yourself completely paralyzed.


How an Accident Attorney Can Help You Fight Back


There’s nothing good about being involved in a motorcycle crash, but you can’t just give up. If someone else caused your injuries, you need to work with a personal injury attorney who has successfully handled motorcycle crash cases before to get the money you deserve. The road back is long, hard, and expensive, but you don’t have to travel down it alone, and you shouldn’t have to pay the toll yourself if another party was negligent or your own insurer is dragging their feet in paying your claim.


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