Hurricane Construction Defects

Was the damage to your home caused by just a storm, or did construction defects contribute?


Property-Damage1When a Hurricane pays its wet and windy visit to your neighborhood, not all homes will have identical property damage. There will be big differences between what happened to your neighbors home compared to yours.


Some of these hurricane property damage differences can be explained by:


The different ages of different homes, and the Building Codes in force at the time of construction.


Different wind patterns due to the size, height, and shape of the homes and their relative positions within their parcels and one another.


Home property ground height, pitch and slope may affect rain and flood water depth and hurricane floodwater runoff.Proximity to sewers, rain basins, major streets and intersections can affect water flow and create standing water.


But… BUT- – what if the extensive and huge damage done to your home by a Hurricane is the result of the Hurricane smacking into your home and your home was inadequately or negligently constructed? If the home construction was substandard, not building code or industry standards compliant? Maybe roof trusses or tie downs that are improperly formed or placed? Maybe a foundation that permitted too much movement, or a roof that collapsed under conditions far less worse than it had been rated to withstand?


You may want to question why there was such extensive destruction.
If you have a reasonable basis to conclude after a qualified inspection that there may be shoddy workmanship; substandard materials ;poor and building code violating construction; then maybe you would like to learn what your legal rights would be under those circumstances.