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Experiencing the stress of a violent accident, such as a car accident, motorcycle accident or boating accident, can be traumatic enough in and of itself.  When you subsequently must undergo surgery to have a limb amputated, or find that you have lost a limb or appendage in the accident, the trauma is magnified exponentially. The experienced Fort Lauderdale Amputation and Loss of Limb Lawyers at Lawlor, White & Murphey, P.C. fight for fair compensation for victims of amputation or loss of limb injuries throughout South Florida.

Losing an arm or leg, or even a finger or toe, will have profound and lasting consequences for you, the accident victim. Unfortunately, the physical and emotional suffering that you are experiencing if you have suffered a loss of a limb is unlikely to subside quickly—and if another party’s negligent actions caused the accident in which you were injured, you may be entitled to compensation designed to help ease that suffering.

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At Lawlor, White & Murphey, P.C, our experienced medical malpractice lawyers know that no amount of monetary compensation is going to make you whole again after you have suffered an amputation or lost a limb.  We also know how important it is to hold negligent parties financially accountable for their mistakes so that you can get justice for the injuries you have suffered. We don’t back down from insurance companies that try to use every trick in the book to minimize their own financial exposure following an accident, and we will put all of our substantial resources to work in fighting for fair compensation for your amputation or loss of limb injury.

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Unique Nature of Amputation or Loss of Limb Cases in South Florida

While personal injury cases involving an amputation or loss of limbs in an accident are technically governed by the same negligence theory of law that applies in all other personal injury cases, the challenges that arise in loss of limb are unique because these cases tend to represent high dollar values, which means that the insurance adjusters are likely to fight much more aggressively to avoid paying full compensation.  Additional special challenges arise because:

  • Losing a limb in an accident means that the victim will have lifelong medical needs and face ongoing physical challenges,
  • Amputation injuries tend to result in heightened emotional trauma because victims are faced with the challenges presented by the lost limb on a daily basis,
  • Amputation victims may permanently be unable to work in their previous profession,
  • If a prosthetic limb is appropriate, that expensive medical device will need to be replaced periodically throughout the accident victim’s life.

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Skilled South Florida Lawyers Fight for Full Financial Compensation for Clients Suffering from Loss of Limbs or Amputation

Because the challenges resulting from amputation or a lost limb are almost always ongoing, a fair estimation of future costs of the amputation injury must be reached in order to ensure that the compensation you receive fully accounts for the cost of the injury.  At Lawlor, White & Murphey, we retain the best medical and occupational specialists in the field to attest to the anticipated future medical cost of your amputation injury. We work tirelessly to reach a compensation award that accounts for:

  • The cost of all past, current and medical care related to the amputation,
  • Costs associated with lost wages and loss of the ability to work in your chosen profession in the future,
  • Medical devices and prescription medications, including prosthetics that must be replaced over time,
  • Emotional counseling to help you come to terms with the difficulties caused by the loss of limbs,
  • Physical therapy and other supportive services, including those designed to help amputation victims handle “phantom limb” pain that commonly impacts accident victims who have lost a limb,
  • The pain and suffering that the traumatic accident, recovery and future challenges has caused.

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Our dedicated personal injury lawyers understand that losing a limb can be an extremely traumatic experience—especially if the accident that caused your amputation injury was entirely preventable.  We offer our clients a unique mix of compassionate support and aggressive advocacy to ensure the best possible financial result in your case while you focus on recovering emotionally and physically from that trauma.  If you have lost a limb in an accident or had a limb amputated, call or contact us to discuss your right to compensation today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Injury Claims Involving Amputation or Loss of Limbs

How do amputation injuries or loss of limbs occur?

The end result of any number of accidents can be your loss of a limb or amputation.  Amputation is generally made necessary when you have suffered such significant injury to a limb that medical professionals are unable to restore the limb without substantial risk to your future health.  Motorcycle accidents and car crashes can lead to crushing injuries to the limbs that eventually require amputation. Similarly, construction site accidents and workplace injuries often result in loss of limbs.  Even a dog bite can lead to a strong infection that threatens your life or health. When a limb is severely injured, the physician may determine that the only way to avoid an infection that could threaten your life is to amputate the limb.

How can you establish that someone else is financially responsible for my medical bills and other expenses if I have suffered a loss of a limb?

Our lawyers will work to identify the party whose negligent actions caused the accident in which you were injured.  This investigation begins with determining what caused your accident. To succeed with a negligence action based on your loss of limbs, we will identify the duty of care that the person who caused the accident owed to you—for example, a duty to drive safely on the roads. We will then use the evidence that we uncover in your case to establish how that driver violated the duty of care—for example, by driving while distracted or under the influence of alcohol.  Next, we must show a causal link between the party’s actions and your injuries to show that the breach of the duty caused the loss of limbs. Finally, we will consult with experts to show the past, current and future damages that the amputation has caused.

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