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Plantation Truck Accident Lawyers

Top-Rated Florida Truck Accident Lawyers Committed to Protecting Injured Clients in Broward County

The consequences and injuries that result from a truck accident can be tragic at their very worst, and extremely inconvenient in the very best-case scenario. The size and weight of commercial trucks, semis, and tractor-trailers on our South Florida roadways magnify the severity of the injuries that would typically result from a traditional car accident in nearly every case. Likewise, the complexity and cost of pursuing a claim for compensation against a negligent truck driver or trucking company are also magnified, making it important that you retain a lawyer with both the experience and resources to successfully handle a Plantation truck accident case. Our skilled team of Plantation truck accident lawyers and investigative staff have both the necessary experience and resources. Our track record speaks for itself in the verdicts and compensation that we have obtained for our clients—we have secured over $100 million in compensatory damages to help our injured clients to date.

While truck accident claims can be expensive to pursue, remember that we understand you are facing your own set of financial battles as you recover physically and may be unable to work. Because of this, we work on a contingency basis, meaning that our payment comes out of your eventual settlement award—in other words, we don’t get paid unless we get results in your case.

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Common Types & Causes of Truck Accidents

Understanding how a truck accident occurred can be the key to successfully determining liability. A truck accident can occur when the truck, or a portion of the truck, crashes into another motor vehicle on the roadway, or when a smaller vehicle actually collides with the truck. In many cases where a smaller vehicle crashes into a truck, the car may actually slide underneath the much larger truck, resulting in what is known as an “underride accident”.

Common types of truck accidents in Plantation may include:

Common causes of truck accidents may include:

Steps to Take After a Plantation Truck Accident

Because of the extensive injuries that can be sustained in truck accidents, trucking companies and other large corporations that may be held responsible after an accident recognize that truck accidents can also be extremely expensive if they are found to be responsible. Profit can drive these companies to push boundaries, which is why it is no surprise that trucking companies fight aggressively to avoid any liability when a truck accident occurs on their watch.

The defense attorney and insurance adjusters who represent the trucking company will likely appear on the scene of a truck accident within hours, if not sooner. After our firm’s services are retained, our accident scene experts are also committed to arriving at the scene as soon as possible so that we can take steps to:

This initial investigation is only the beginning of the work we will do on your case, which will also involve subpoenaing documentation from the trucking company, consulting with medical and scientific experts and conducting a full and thorough investigation to discover evidence as to what caused the truck accident.

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Plantation Truck Accident Lawyers

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Frequently Asked Questions About Plantation Truck Accidents

Why is a truck accident different than a regular car accident? Can’t I just work with the insurance companies to get compensation for my injuries?

If your injuries were relatively minor, you may be able to work with the insurance companies and get enough compensation to help with your recovery—remembering, of course, that these insurance companies are motivated to settle your case for far less than your injuries will actually cost in the long run. Apart from the size and weight of a truck, and the relative severity of the injuries that tend to result from truck accidents, recovering compensation after a truck accident involves negotiating with a business and typically a commercial insurance policy. These entities tend to be much more aggressive in fighting liability because they have a reputation to protect and a bottom line to consider. Trucking companies can afford to hire the best defense lawyers out there, meaning that you should also consider retaining the best legal counsel with the skills and resources required to handle these cases successfully.

How can insurance complicate matters in a truck accident case?

Not only do trucking companies use commercial insurance policies to ensure their fleet of trucks, but in many cases, the truck is actually insured by several different insurance policies—many of which may become relevant depending upon what caused the truck accident in question. For example, in a tractor-trailer accident, the tractor may be owned by a different trucking company than the trailer—and each may have its own insurance policy. This is why we carefully investigate the cause of every truck accident case we take on to determine all of the relevant insurance coverage that might be applicable to provide compensation in your case.

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