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West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Seasoned Palm Beach County Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Committed to Protecting Victims’ Rights to Fair Compensation

Slip and fall accidents in West Palm Beach can make a seemingly normal activity into a painful and lengthy legal process. These accidents can lead to lost wages or earning potential (if unable to work again), hefty medical bills and ongoing rehabilitation and medical costs. However, if this accident occurred on someone else’s property, it’s possible that the property owner is negligent for your injuries. This means that they failed to properly maintain a safe environment for those invited on their property. As a result of this failure, they may be obligated to compensate you for injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident and for that breach of the duty of care that caused your slip and fall accident. At Lawlor, White & Murphey, our West Palm Beach slip and fall accident lawyers are committed to providing professional legal services to all of Palm Beach County and South Florida.

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After being injured in a slip and fall accident, it is not only important that you take the necessary time to heal and recover, but it is equally as important to hire a qualified slip and fall accident attorney to speak on your behalf to the insurance companies and to file paperwork for your personal injury lawsuit before the Statute of Limitations expires. You have just four years from the date of your slip and fall accident in the State of Florida to file this personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, the best thing to do is to work with slip and fall lawyers in West Palm Beach that has the skills, resources, and experience necessary to get you the fair settlement that you deserve as a result of your injuries.

Understanding Liability for West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Accidents

Liability for Florida slip and fall accidents rely on comparative negligence. This means that you, the injured victim, may bear some of the blame for the accident. However, the amount of shared fault will be determined in court proceedings. Pure comparative negligence rules in Florida are used to determine the share of legal blame for an accident and how much compensation can be received from a property owner. Any damages awarded to a personal injury plaintiff is reduced by the amount of fault they hold for the accident in West Palm Beach.

As slip and fall lawyers in West Palm Beach, our job is to build a strong case against the property owner to ensure that their amount of blame for the accident is higher than 50%. If not, you will not receive any compensation. We must prove that the owner breached a duty of care they owed you as an invited person on their property. As an invitee, you were invited on their property. This means that the property owner holds a duty of care to maintain safe conditions to you and to warn you of any dangers on the property. During our investigation of your slip and fall accident case, we will also determine whether or not the property owner could have prevented the slip and fall accident and/or if they attempted to fix the hazard.

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West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Lawyers

If you or a loved one have sustained injuries as a result of a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, contact a West Palm Beach, FL trip & fall accident attorney of Lawlor, White & Murphey today. Our job is to help injured victims like you to find the compensation and peace of mind that you need in order to go on. Allow us to protect your legal rights and begin the litigation process for a slip and fall case on your behalf. Our Florida law office provides free legal consultations in order for us to learn about the details of your accident and to answer any questions about the legal process ahead. Learn more about our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers. To schedule this important legal consultation with an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, call us today or fill out our convenient online contact form for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Accidents

What are some things that your slip and fall lawyers in West Palm Beach do in order to establish a strong premises liability case?

Our legal team obtains photographs or video surveillance of the area where your slip and fall accident occurred. We also attempt to gather testimony of any witnesses to your accidents (if applicable). We obtain any reports of the accident for documentation and investigate whether or not there have been prior accidents on the property. Lastly, we document your injuries and obtain medical reports and test results that prove your injuries.

I took a fall at a local grocery store, can I sue the store for my injuries?

While the facts of the cases will determine the answer to this question, the store itself did have a duty to keep their floors safe for their customers. If a slippery floor causes a fall, an experienced attorney would help injured clients to prove that the store knew of the substance on the floor and failed to clean up the mess before their accident.

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    John K. Lawlor

    John K. Lawlor, a South Florida personal injury attorney who focuses his practice on complex personal injury, wrongful death, and professional malpractice, founded the law firm of Lawlor, White & Murphey in 1996. Since 1995, Mr. Lawlor’s trial advocacy and litigation skills, as well as his wide-ranging legal expertise, have provided plaintiffs and their families with a distinct advantage when seeking financial compensation and justice for injuries caused by the negligence of others.

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    Ben Murphey

    A partner at Lawlor, White & Murphey and a distinguished personal injury lawyer, Ben Murphey tries complex disputes that include civil appeals, maritime and admiralty claims, wrongful death, and labor disputes. Mr. Murphey has been recognized for his excellence in the area of personal injury litigation by being rewarded with a 10/10 Avvo Rating and named a Super Lawyers “Rising Star” for 2010-2013 and Super Lawyers 2014-2019.

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    Anthony B. White

    Since 1994, seasoned litigation and trial lawyer Anthony B. White has helped thousands of accident victims seek damages due to injuries sustained as a result of another party’s negligence. Included in America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals and selected to the 2012, 2014-2019 editions of Florida Super Lawyers, Mr. White specializes in car accidents, insurance disputes, wrongful death, product liability, and medical malpractice cases.


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