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Seasoned Truck Accident Lawyers Help Clients Recover Financially from Serious Broward County Truck Accidents

The first thing on your mind after you or a loved one sustains serious injuries in a truck accident in Pompano Beach should be your physical recovery.  Truck accidents frequently cause devastating injuries and the recovery process is an uphill battle for many accident victims and their families. While monetary compensation cannot make you whole again after an accident, it can help keep you on track financially after suffering injuries because of someone else’s negligence. At Lawlor, White & Murphey, P.C., we know how important it is for our clients to focus on recovering from physical injuries after a truck accident.  Our experienced team of Pompano Beach truck accident lawyers and investigative staff are here to handle every aspect of your case as we relentlessly pursue your legal right to full compensation while you work to recover physically and emotionally.  We know what to expect from the insurance companies that work tirelessly to minimize your right to compensation and will aggressively advocate to protect your rights.

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While most accidents involving large commercial trucks cause significant damage, not all Pompano Beach truck accident cases are created equally.  The actual legal action required to recover compensation for injuries sustained in truck accidents will vary depending upon the specific circumstances of the case, and may include:

  • Negligence Actions.  Many truck accidents are caused by simple driver negligence.  In these cases, we will examine the facts to argue that the driver owed a duty to others on the roads and somehow breached this duty through his or her actions, thereby causing the accident and resulting injuries.
  • Defective Products Cases.  Truck accidents may be caused by a defective component in the vehicle itself.  In these product liability cases, we will work to prove that the defective part was unreasonably dangerous, that the truck was operated as the manufacturer intended and that no significant changes had been made since the original purchase or installation of the component.  Both manufacturers and designers can be held responsible for defective components.
  • Employment Liability Theories.  When a truck driver’s negligent driving is the root cause of a truck accident, his or her employer is technically responsible for the damages caused by the accident.  Despite this basic rule, complications often arise in cases where the trucking company may attempt to escape liability by categorizing the truck driver as an independent contractor, rather than an employee.  We can often rebut this argument by looking to the facts of the relationship between the driver and the trucking company.
  • Wrongful Death.  Severe truck accidents often result in fatalities.  In these wrongful death cases, the immediate family members of the victim may have the right to recover compensation on behalf of their lost loved one.

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Pompano Beach Truck Accident Lawyers Lawlor, White & Murphey Skilled at Formulating Compelling Arguments for Compensation

At Lawlor, White & Murphey, we take every battle to recover compensation for truck accident victims seriously and put our considerable knowledge and resources to work in every case we take on.  When you retain our legal services, you can expect that we will:

  • Locate and interview anyone who witnessed the accident,
  • Analyze all available medical reports,
  • Review and analyze the official police report and related documentation,
  • Interview your medical provider and consult with medical experts to evaluate your progress and likely future prognosis,
  • Obtain and preserve evidence related to the accident, including the vehicle black box, if available, safety records, inspection, and maintenance records and the driver’s cell phone records,
  • Ensure that the driver is tested for alcohol or drug use,
  • Consult with reconstruction specialists to obtain additional evidence to support your claim.

After obtaining all available evidence, our skilled Pompano Beach truck crash attorneys will go to work in building the most compelling possible argument for full compensation in your case.

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Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers Provide a Free Case Evaluation for All Potential Pompano Beach Clients

After a serious truck accident, you may be overwhelmed by the cost of your medical treatment and the inability to work to earn a living.  Our Pompano Beach personal injury lawyers provide you with a free initial consultation so you can learn about your options for recovering compensation at no additional financial risk.  We use all of our resources in fighting to recover full compensation awards for truck accident victims, so call or contact our offices today to schedule your free case evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pompano Beach Truck Accident Cases

How are truck accidents different than car accidents?

Why is it important to retain a lawyer quickly after a truck accident?

Choosing a lawyer to represent your interests is important in every case, but in truck accident cases, it is especially important to act quickly in order to preserve all available evidence. The stakes tend to be much higher in truck accident cases, and evidence can quickly disappear. Further, trucking companies are only required to preserve certain pieces of evidence for a set period of time, meaning that it becomes legal to destroy potentially valuable evidence after too much time passes. Retaining a lawyer as soon as possible gives you the best possible chance of recovering the most compensation possible in your case.

What, specifically, do truck drivers and companies have to do in order to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to prevent truck accidents?

Truck drivers and trucking companies are required to maintain detailed records and logbooks of various items under federal regulations. Specifically, truck drivers must maintain a log of all hours driven and hours of service, including all rest breaks. Trucking companies must maintain records of the vehicle’s inspections, the results of those inspections and the vehicle’s maintenance. Trucking companies may also keep records as to hiring practices to demonstrate how they determine that the truck driver is qualified to drive the vehicle.

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