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As a whole, the state of Florida has a reputation for poor driving—and, with its proximity to Miami, Weston is often no exception.  Seasonal visitors, tourists and residents rushing to commute to other major cities in the area for work all contribute to roadway traffic that can be aggressive and even frightening.  Last year alone, there were over 400,000 car accidents in the state of Florida, many of which resulted in serious injuries even fatalities. The unfortunate fact is that even with Weston’s reputation for providing a safe, suburban living environment, its proximity to major cities, busy interstates, and tourist hubs makes conditions ripe for car accidents on a daily basis. At Lawlor, White & Murphey, P.C., our experienced Weston car accident lawyers know how frustrating it is when you have sustained injuries in a car accident caused by someone else’s poor driving, and are then required to undertake an uphill battle just to recover fair compensation for those injuries. 

We do everything that we can to smooth the process of recovering compensation for our injured clients—from taking on the burden of investigating your case to aggressively negotiating on your behalf with the insurance companies so that you don’t have to take on that often-aggravating task.  

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We have been fighting on behalf of car accident victims in Weston and throughout South Florida for a combined five decades, and we are ready and willing to put our substantial experience to work to recover the most compensation possible in your case.

Frequent Causes of Car Accidents in Weston

Car accidents happen when you least expect it—even if you are driving carefully, there are no assurances that others on the roadways are exercising the same common courtesy.  Car accidents in Weston are often caused by:

Regardless of how your accident was caused, if you sustained injuries and your relevant damages exceed the amount of car insurance available under your own policy, you may have the right to make a claim for compensation against the at-fault party.  This right does depend upon the severity of your injuries—under Florida law, you generally must suffer a “serious injury” in order to claim compensation from an at-fault party. Our personal injury lawyers can explain this threshold and evaluate how it may apply in your case.  Generally, something more than bumps and bruises will be required, but it is not necessary that your injury be catastrophic or permanent in order to qualify.

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Weston Car Accident Lawyers Comprehensively Investigate Every Accident Case to Maximize Compensation Awards for Injured Clients

One of the most difficult aspects of a car accident case is determining the level of compensation to which you are fairly entitled—especially if you have no prior experience in navigating the process for recovering compensation after a car accident.  Because of this, many car accident victims in Weston unknowingly settle with the insurance companies for far less than their case is actually worth. To ensure you receive the maximum compensation award possible in your case, our lawyers will:

  • Identify all potentially responsible parties, including drivers, employers if the driver was working at the time of the accident and even vehicle manufacturers if a defective component caused the car accident,
  • Identify and interview all eyewitnesses,
  • Consult with accident reconstruction experts if necessary to gain evidence as to the cause of your accident,
  • Consult with medical experts to evaluate the true potential cost of your injury, including future costs,
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies,
  • Engage in mediation strategies if advantageous,
  • File all paperwork, including the demand letter,
  • Prepare and litigate your case through trial to reach the most advantageous settlement possible in your case.

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About Weston, Florida

Weston is located in the westernmost portion of Broward County, Florida, and is considered a principal city in the Miami metropolitan area.  Although located near Miami, Weston actually borders the Everglades and was developed as a master planned community in the 1990s. Known for offering an affordable suburban option near Miami, Weston is actually ranked in Money magazine’s “Biggest Earners” category year after year.  Weston is also known for being a family-friendly town and one of the safest cities to live in the country, according to the NeighborhoodScout ranking system. As of 2017, an estimated 70,944 residents called Weston home—up substantially from the 2000 census, when Weston’s population was estimated at 49,286.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accident Cases in Weston

What should I do if I’m in a car accident in Florida?

Why should I hire an attorney quickly after a car accident?

What types of car accident cases does your firm handle?

What are some things your law firm will do for victims of car accidents that others might not?

Will your law firm help with the insurance company after a car accident?

What resources does the firm have for car accident cases?

What are no-fault accidents in Florida?

What is comparative fault under Florida law? How can this impact my ability to recover compensation after a car accident?

Comparative fault laws reflect the reality that more than one person might be responsible for causing a car accident. Under Florida’s pure comparative fault system, each person involved in a car accident is assigned a portion of the fault based upon all available evidence. This system then reduces your compensation award by the percentage of fault assigned to you.

What if I was injured in a car accident in Weston, but the at-fault driver lives in another state?

This is not an uncommon occurrence because of the many visitors we have in Weston every winter and spring. Regardless of where the other driver lives, if the car accident occurred in Weston, that driver will be required to defend himself or herself in a lawsuit in Florida under Florida law. If a lawsuit does become necessary, we will serve the at-fault driver with notice of the lawsuit at his or her out-of-state residence.

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