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Miramar Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyers

Florida Injury Attorneys Bring Experience & Dedication into Representing Broward County Clients Injured in Uber & Lyft Ride-Sharing Accidents

Uber and Lyft accidents may be relatively new occurrences here in South Florida, but at Lawlor, White & Murphey, our Miramar Uber & Lyft accident lawyers are no strangers to car accidents and have adjusted quickly by studying the new issues and laws that can apply when an accident involves an Uber or Lyft driver. One of the primary complications in cases involving Uber and Lyft ride-sharing injuries is navigating the insurance laws that now apply in Miramar. In some cases, it can be difficult to determine which policy will cover the costs of your injuries—your own policy, the at-fault driver’s policy or one of the policies that Uber and Lyft are now required to maintain under Florida law.

At Lawlor, White & Murphey, we have a combined five-plus decades’ worth of experience successfully helping clients navigate the Florida insurance rules and court system to recover compensation for their injuries. We are well-versed in both the Florida no-fault insurance law and the new requirements that now apply in Uber or Lyft accident cases. We are also familiar with the tactics that insurance companies tend to employ to minimize their financial exposure after an accident—the insurance adjusters know that the insurance rules in Uber and Lyft ride-sharing injury cases are complicated, so might deny an initial claim and think that someone else’s coverage will provide the necessary compensation. We fight back against these tactics, and will thoroughly investigate your case to determine who can be held responsible for compensating you for your injuries.

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The Severity of Uber & Lyft Ride-Sharing Injuries Suffered by Miramar Accident Victims

Even though many people choose Uber or Lyft to reach their destination more safely, when an Uber or Lyft driver is involved in a motor vehicle accident, the resulting injuries can be severe. Uber and Lyft ride-sharing injuries may include:

All of these Uber and Lyft ride-sharing injuries can be severe, long-lasting and have unanticipated consequences that can require future treatment and create additional expenses that may not always be covered by health insurance. Because of this, we believe in conducting a comprehensive investigation in every single case so that we can make sure you receive full compensation for your injuries, including:

Florida Injury Attorneys Put Expertise to Work to Maximize Compensation for Clients Suffering From Uber & Lyft Ride-Sharing Injuries

Regardless of who caused your Uber or Lyft accident, we will explore every possible avenue for recovering compensation in your case, including how Florida’s new insurance requirements impact your case. Under relatively new legislation, Uber and Lyft accident victims may now be able to bring a claim against certain insurance policies maintained by the companies themselves, including:

These new enhanced limits were developed for a variety of reasons, but primarily to protect Uber and Lyft accident injury victims in Miramar who found it difficult to recover insurance compensation prior to the new law because:

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Miramar Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyers

Whether you are a Miramar resident or just visiting the area, call a Miramar rideshare accident attorney today, or fill out this brief online contact form, to schedule a free initial consultation if you sustained injuries in an Uber or Lyft ride-sharing accident in South Florida. Our experienced personal injury lawyers believe in putting our clients’ needs first and are even available to meet with you in your home or the hospital if your injuries prevent you from traveling comfortably.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Claims Involving Uber & Lyft Ride-Sharing Injuries in Miramar, Florida

What should I do if I was injured in an Uber or Lyft accident?

How are these cases different, apart from the insurance laws? One primary recommendation we would give to anyone who has sustained injuries in an Uber or Lyft ride-sharing accident is to be especially careful about who you talk to. Avoid making any sort of statement to Uber or Lyft, or to any insurance adjuster. Uber and Lyft are huge companies with extensive concerns regarding both publicity and profit. While it is always advisable to be careful about what you say following an accident, companies like Uber and Lyft may go to greater lengths than anticipated to avoid liability for an accident. This general recommendation against speaking also applies to social media and written documents—don’t put anything about your accident in writing without first calling our experienced lawyers, because you never know how a casual statement could damage your case. In fact, we’d recommend that you refrain from social media entirely until you talk to us.

What if I was on a bicycle in Miramar and an Uber driver caused an accident and injured me?

I don’t have my own car insurance so how does Florida’s no-fault law apply? The enhanced Uber or Lyft insurance requirements will apply even if you were on a bicycle or walking when an Uber or Lyft driver struck you and caused injuries. Even if the driver was not carrying an Uber or Lyft passenger (or looking for one), you can still bring a claim for compensation against his or her personal insurance policy when injured on a bicycle.

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    John K. Lawlor

    John K. Lawlor, a South Florida personal injury attorney who focuses his practice on complex personal injury, wrongful death, and professional malpractice, founded the law firm of Lawlor, White & Murphey in 1996. Since 1995, Mr. Lawlor’s trial advocacy and litigation skills, as well as his wide-ranging legal expertise, have provided plaintiffs and their families with a distinct advantage when seeking financial compensation and justice for injuries caused by the negligence of others.

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    A partner at Lawlor, White & Murphey and a distinguished personal injury lawyer, Ben Murphey tries complex disputes that include civil appeals, maritime and admiralty claims, wrongful death, and labor disputes. Mr. Murphey has been recognized for his excellence in the area of personal injury litigation by being rewarded with a 10/10 Avvo Rating and named a Super Lawyers “Rising Star” for 2010-2013 and Super Lawyers 2014-2019.

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    Since 1994, seasoned litigation and trial lawyer Anthony B. White has helped thousands of accident victims seek damages due to injuries sustained as a result of another party’s negligence. Included in America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals and selected to the 2012, 2014-2019 editions of Florida Super Lawyers, Mr. White specializes in car accidents, insurance disputes, wrongful death, product liability, and medical malpractice cases.


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