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Hollywood Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyers

Florida Injury Attorneys Bring Experience & Dedication into Representing Broward County Clients Injured in Uber & Lyft Ride-Sharing Accidents

Although Uber and Lyft may have been slow in leaving more major U.S. cities to reach our Hollywood and smaller South Florida communities, the ride-sharing services are now nearly always available to provide convenient and safe transportation for our local residents and visitors. Uber and Lyft can quickly become inconvenient, however, when the driver of the vehicle is involved in an accident that causes injuries. At Lawlor, White & Murphey, our Hollywood Uber & Lyft accident lawyers are passionate about protecting Uber & Lyft accident victims’ rights when they are injured.

Cases involving Hollywood-area Uber and Lyft ride-sharing injuries are unique in many respects, not the least of which is the fact that an injured passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle may not necessarily have car insurance of their own. The Florida insurance laws that apply in these cases are also different than in typical car accident cases and, in our tourist-heavy Hollywood Beach area, an injured Uber or Lyft passenger may be subject to significantly different car insurance rules depending upon where they live—making the insurance factor a critical element in many Uber or Lyft accident cases.

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Despite all of these differences, the resulting injuries when an accident involves an Uber or Lyft ride-sharing service are the same—these Uber & Lyft ride-sharing injuries can leave the injured party facing growing medical bills and unable to work or engage fully in their daily lives.

The Severity of Uber & Lyft Ride-Sharing Injuries Rival Those Common in Other Types of Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Our firm handles cases involving all types of Hollywood, Florida Uber & Lyft ride-sharing injuries, including:

These types of injuries can be long-lasting and expensive. Despite the enhanced insurance requirements that apply when an accident involves Uber or Lyft, these larger insurance policies are still issued by insurance companies motivated to minimize their financial exposure after an accident—meaning that the insurance company is likely to offer a settlement that far undervalues the true cost of your injuries. Our lawyers are here to make sure you get what you need to recover, including compensation for:

Lawlor, White & Murphey Protect Clients’ Rights When the Convenience of Uber & Lyft Results in Inconvenient Injuries

Uber and Lyft ride-sharing services are supposed to add convenience to our daily lives, allowing us to visit new places without the burden of finding parking, renting a car or calling a taxi. When an Uber or Lyft trip results in injuries, that convenience can quickly turn to inconvenience and add substantial pain and suffering to your life—not to mention the medical expenses that can result. Our lawyers quickly realized how important Florida’s new laws governing Uber and Lyft insurance requirements are to our clients and can help clients navigate this new system, which requires:

An Uber or Lyft driver must also satisfy the insurance requirements that apply in the state where the driver operates, meaning that the driver is required to maintain at least $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) under Florida state law. This is the coverage that will apply when the driver is using the vehicle for personal use.

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Hollywood Uber & Lyft Accident Lawyers

Uber & Lyft ride-sharing injuries can present significant issues even in the face of the enhanced insurance rules that now apply under Florida law. Our Hollywood rideshare accident attorneys are here to help you understand the new insurance rules, file your claims and advocate on your behalf to obtain a compensation package that provides a fair estimate of the cost of your accident. Call us today, or fill out this online contact form, to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Hollywood, FL Uber & Lyft ride-sharing injury lawyers. Learn more about our Hollywood, FL personal injury lawyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hollywood, Florida Uber & Lyft Ride-Sharing Injuries

Why are the new Uber and Lyft insurance rules important to recovering compensation for injuries sustained in Hollywood-area Uber or Lyft accidents?

The new ride-sharing insurance laws are important, because typical personal car insurance carriers may choose to deny coverage under a policy if the driver was using his or her personal vehicle for commercial purposes—in other words, to make a profit by transporting passengers for Uber or Lyft. Further, Uber and Lyft characterized their drivers as independent contractors, so that the companies themselves were not responsible for their actions while driving (employers are generally responsible for accidents caused by their employees while on duty, but not for accidents caused by independent contractors). Before the new rules were enacted, the laws governing recovery after an Uber or Lyft accident were unclear, and often resulted in situations where injured parties had no choice but to resort to formal lawsuits to protect their rights.

What should I do if I was a passenger in an Uber or Lyft and the driver had a car accident?

Assuming you sustained injuries, the first thing you need to do is seek medical care—call the police, and they will dispatch an ambulance to transport you to a local medical facility for treatment. Even if you don’t think you need care immediately, your injuries may take time to cause you pain, so make sure you seek out treatment quickly and call the police to report the accident even if you do not need an ambulance. Try to take photos or videos of the scene and injuries, and obtain contact information of anyone involved in the accident and any witnesses. Then call us so that we can begin investigating and working on your case—we can even meet you in the hospital to discuss what happened if you prefer.

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    John K. Lawlor

    John K. Lawlor, a South Florida personal injury attorney who focuses his practice on complex personal injury, wrongful death, and professional malpractice, founded the law firm of Lawlor, White & Murphey in 1996. Since 1995, Mr. Lawlor’s trial advocacy and litigation skills, as well as his wide-ranging legal expertise, have provided plaintiffs and their families with a distinct advantage when seeking financial compensation and justice for injuries caused by the negligence of others.

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    Since 1994, seasoned litigation and trial lawyer Anthony B. White has helped thousands of accident victims seek damages due to injuries sustained as a result of another party’s negligence. Included in America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals and selected to the 2012, 2014-2019 editions of Florida Super Lawyers, Mr. White specializes in car accidents, insurance disputes, wrongful death, product liability, and medical malpractice cases.


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