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Why Child Auto Safety Goes Beyond Car Seats

July 5, 2016

Why Child Auto Safety Goes Beyond Car Seats

You’ve spent top dollar on a state-of-the-art car seat for your child that perfectly fits their weight and age. The car seat meets every safety requirement and even has a cup holder to avoid (okay, reduce) spills from sippy cups and snack containers. You’ve buckled your child in, and you’re all set to hit the road… right?

Unfortunately, a recent recall from BMW shows that child auto safety requires more than just a regulation car seat.

BMW had to recall the model year 2011-2017 X3, and model year 2015-2017 X4 SUVs. This recall affects over 600,000 SUVs around the world, and over 180,000 of those SUVs have been purchased in the United States. The recall concerns the car’s child seat anchors, which are meant to hold car seats in place during turns, bumps, or an auto accident.

There have been many reported incidents of the anchors becoming damaged, and therefore ineffective at holding child restraint seats in place. This is due to poor welding between the anchor bars and the bar’s mounting plate. BMW has not received reports that the damaged anchor bars have caused any injuries or fatalities, but is issuing the recall to prevent any accidents that may occur.

Hopefully, this recall serves as a wake-up call to car buyers with children: even though you may purchase top-of-the-line child restraint seats, the car you drive can still put your child in danger.

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Auto Safety for Families

As your family grows and your cars get older, it is important to check in with the regulations and car features that are keeping your family safe. Consider these quick tips for keeping your family safe in the car this year:

If your child has been injured in a car accident, it is important to look over every aspect of the child’s restraint seat and surrounding areas of the car. Ineffective car parts may have caused your child’s accident, which will allow you to file a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer of your car.

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