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Dance with Death: Pedestrian Narrowly Avoids Two-Car Collision

May 22, 2013

A Fort Lauderdale pedestrian narrowly escaped what would have been fatal injury by literally jumping out of the path of a two-car collision. The drivers of the two cars weren’t as fortunate, however, and were transported to Broward General Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the accident. The traffic camera company that monitors red light runners at the intersection captured video of the accident and released it to the public as a deterrent for those who run red lights.

In most car accidents, an innocent person is injured, and when that happens, a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney is the one victims can to turn to for help rectifying the financial losses of the situation. One of the most critical things a personal injury attorney will do is investigate the accident to determine what actually happened and who was at fault. In the case of the above-mentioned accident, it would be relatively easy for an attorney to prove fault because the video provides clear evidence. In other cases, the investigation and reenactment may be more challenging, so it’s important to contact a personal injury attorney sooner, rather than later, to ensure that evidence is collected promptly and witnesses are contacted before details become fuzzy. Lawlor, Winston, White & Murphey specializes in helping victims of auto accidents obtain financial recovery when the carelessness of another has caused undue loss and harm. A free consultation with our firm can help you determine whether pursuing a lawsuit would be beneficial for you.

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