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Florida Schools Are Back in Session – Driving Reminders to Stay Safe

August 15, 2018

Florida Schools Are Back in Session – Driving Reminders to Stay Safe

Florida schools are just starting up for the fall. Although going back to school is exciting for kids (and a relief for many parents), this time of year also comes with increased risks for certain types of accidents, particularly in school zones. As students and drivers adjust to safety rules in school zones, there is often an increase in crashes.

School zones are often chaotic, so it may be easier to become involved in an accident than you think. Below we cover driving reminders to stay safe. More children are hit by cars near schools than in any other location. This means that as a responsible driver, you’ll need to share the road with pedestrians, buses, other drivers, and children on bicycles in school zones.

Here are some tips.

Picking Up and Dropping Off

If you are picking up or dropping off in school zones, make sure to do the following:


Young pedestrians are at risk of getting hit by a car or a bus in school zones. If you are driving in a school zone, you can decrease the risk of pedestrian accidents by doing the following:


Many school-age children are injured or even killed by pedestrian accidents involving buses. Due to the nature of the job, bus drivers are typically very well-trained to navigate child pedestrians. However, when other motorists drive irresponsibly, this often leads to serious or even fatal accidents.

To share the road with buses:


Many children ride their bicycles to and from school. Bicycles can be very difficult for motorists to see. Further, children riding bicycles may be unable to judge traffic conditions, so they are more likely to get in a bicycle accident.

Fort Lauderdale Child Bicycle Injury

To share the road with child bicyclists:

To make sure that you, your child, and your child’s classmates stay safe during back to school season, stay alert at all times while driving through school zones, and make sure to take safety precautions – taking a few extra seconds could be the difference between life and death.

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