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Fort Lauderdale Resident Recovering from Personal Injury

January 2, 2013

When a driver lost control of a semitrailer in Fort Lauderdale recently, several vehicles crashed into it and multiple victims sustained a personal injury. The semi jumped the median of CR 951 after braking to avoid a collision. Once over the median, the semi entered the northbound lanes of the county road and was struck by three separate vehicles. The accident was not deemed to be alcohol related, but the driver of the semi was still cited by the Florida Highway Patrol for careless driving. The serious nature of the injuries sustained highlights the need for victims to consult a lawyer when injured in such an accident, in order to ensure that they receive the compensation they are due.

In the Fort Lauderdale accident, the driver and passenger of a Chevy 350 that hit the semi sustained a serious personal injury. Each had to be transported to the hospital where the driver would spend two weeks before being released. The driver of the second vehicle to collide with the truck had a minor injury but was treated at the scene. The third car to hit, a Lexus, also had a driver and a passenger. Each of them reported personal injury, as well, but declined to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. This single accident resulted in personal injury to five separate victims who were in no way responsible for the accident.

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