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Mountain Biker to Receive Compensation for Injury, According to Attorney

December 24, 2012

A mountain biker who was riding a bike trail in a park outside of Fort Lauderdale will receive compensation from Broward County for an injury she sustained, according to her attorney. The attorney for the woman has indicated that she fractured her cervical vertebrae and had extensive medical bills.

Although the county has agreed to the settlement, officials say that they understand the woman to have been trespassing on county land since she did not sign the required waiver in order to ride on the trail nor did she watch the safety video that is also required. County commissioners contend that the county was in no way negligent for her injury.

A Fort Lauderdale resident who keeps up the trails and also rides them on his own bike says that the trails are safe for riders who stick to the appropriate trail for their level of ability. He commented that he believed that fault for the injury lay with the woman and not with the county or with the trails.

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