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Property Damage is Property Damage – Even When of the Bizarre Nature

July 9, 2012

Most Pembroke Pines homeowners figure that if they have to file claims on their insurance policies, it will be due to damage caused by a tropical storm or hurricane.

However, one Pembroke Pines couple is in conversation with their insurance company over an entirely different type of water damage. Roland Aguilera and his wife Bertha were getting quotes from contractors, environmental cleanup crews, and insurance adjusters after a vintage 1967 Camaro crashed through their back fence and hedge and into their swimming pool. Aguilera says that it appears as though it will cost over $50,000 to clean up and repair the property.

Though Bertha Aguilera tried to find the silver lining in the incident, noting that if it were not for the pool, the Camaro would have been sitting in her living room, Roland Aguilera had a less optimistic outlook when he was interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel. His perception was that now the battles regarding insurance claims would begin.

Unfortunately, many homeowners in Pembroke Pines have struggled with insurance claims in the past, so Aguilera’s pessimism may have some merit.

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