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“Sweepstakes” Scam ALERT!!

August 25, 2011

A scam is be perpetrated using the name “Lawlor, Winston, White & Murphey”.

Individuals around the US are being contacted by someone purporting to be from our firm advising them they have won $175k in a “sweepstakes” run by “American Shopper’s Network”. A fake copy of a Bank of America check is sent to the individual, who is provided with the telephone number 954-678-0081 to call and collect. When that number is called, it is answered “Lawlor Winston White & Murphey” and the victim is instructed to make purchase a “green dot” debit card to make a payment ranging from $400.00 to $895.00 to cover “insurance & processing” of their sweepstakes winnings. They are supplied with a bogus BOA telephone number (202-595-2117) to call and confirm as well.

It is believed that this scam originates from Jamaica and is being perpetrated using pre-paid cell phones.


The FBI’s Miami Field Office has been notified, and the Fort Lauderdale Police have opened an investigation under Case Number 11-92716. Call your local FBI Field Office and the FLPD to add to the report if you are contacted about this scam.