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We Are in Florida, After All

September 14, 2012

Because of our proximity to the ocean, the weather in Pembroke Pines can go from Florida tourism ad sunshiny to Florida stormy in a very brief period of time. Pembroke Pines residents have grown accustomed to the sudden changes that can occur and most take necessary precautions when it comes to storm season from storm windows to adequate insurance policies. However, after it is all said and done, some property owners have difficulty collecting on their legitimate claims following a storm.

Unfortunately, following a serious storm, some Pembroke Pines property owners must try to negotiate with insurance companies who act as though they were totally unaware that Florida sits along the coast. Some will attempt to offer an undervalued settlement without even inspecting the property. Others will drag their feet in reviewing the insurance claims. When such frustrations arise, Pembroke Pines residents can turn to property damage lawyers for assistance with their insurance claims.

Those in the Pembroke Pines area who have either had their Pembroke Pines insurance claims denied or who are offered a settlement that is far less than the cost of the actual damage can turn to the legal team of Lawlor, Winston, White, & Murphey and their expert property damage lawyers for assistance. Often, having a knowledgeable lawyer as an advocate is all it takes to get insurance claims settled in a fair and timely manner. When you want to resolve your insurance claim, call on Lawlor, Winston, White, & Murphey for the legal counsel you need to get the justice that you deserve.

Lawlor, Winston, White & Murphey are seasoned property damage lawyers with a winning record of guiding property owners through every detail of their Pembroke Pines insurance claims and ensuring fair and reasonable treatment by insurance companies.

The Lawlor, Winston, White & Murphey team, with a main office in Fort Lauderdale and satellite offices in Naples and Venice, has tried more than 100 jury trials and obtained verdicts, judgments and settlements in excess of $100 million for their clients. Please visit our website at or call our offices at 954-525-2345 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. If you’re concerned that you can’t afford the services of a property damage attorney, rest assured that we work on a contingency basis—you don’t pay us until you receive the compensation from the insurance companies.