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When Is An Amusement Park Liable for Injuries?

May 31, 2019

amusement park injuries Fort Lauderdale, FL

Injuries at Florida’s Many Amusement Parks

Florida is home to a number of popular amusement parks, making our state one that is frequently visited and enjoyed by tourists. When you plan your vacation, you daydream about the memories you’re going to make — and the fun you’re going to have. One thing you never expect is suffering an injury at one of these themed parks. Amusement parks are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. So, when it happens, it can be confusing as you attempt to navigate your medical care and any legal consequences. Is the amusement park liable for your injuries and associated costs? The answer is, it depends.

Important Components of a Personal Injury Case

It can be helpful to first understand the four important elements of a personal injury claim. In order for a personal injury case to be eligible for compensation, it must include the following:

Establishing Duty of Care

Generally speaking, you could say that the owners of an amusement park owe you a legal duty of care. When you visit the park, you expect that the equipment is carefully maintained and regularly evaluated for safety.

Breach of Duty of Care

Failing to take reasonable action to provide a safe park can deem an amusement park to be liable for your injuries. If there are any known dangers including medical risks of a certain amusement ride, then it is the duty of the park to post signs. However, it is not their responsibility to ensure that all park visitors read the signs so as long as they are posted in a public place.


Proving that it was the action of the amusement park owners or one of their employees that led to the injury can be more difficult. Identifying causation will usually include one of the following:


In order to demonstrate a personal injury case in an amusement park setting, the injured party must have proof that they experienced actual damages. Minimal damages that cannot be connected to the amusement park are unlikely to be compensated. However, if the plaintiff can demonstrate that the improper maintenance or lack of warning of the amusement park did indeed, lead to the documented injury, then they may be eligible for a personal injury claim.

Amusement Park Accident Potential Defenses

The defense of an amusement park case will usually attempt to demonstrate that:

Collect the Compensation You Deserve for Your Dania Beach Amusement Park Injury

The unique laws surrounding an amusement park injury can be complicated. It is crucial that you work with an experienced personal injury lawyer that is familiar with these laws and will fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Contact a Parkland Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Personal Injury Case in Florida

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