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Bad Faith Insurance Claims

March 28, 2019

Fort Lauderdale bad faith insurance claims

Everyone knows the insurance jingles and advertisements that claim to be businesses that will be on your side, your best friend and your protector, but is it really realistic to think of our insurance companies that way?

At the end of the day, insurance providers are businesses whose primary objective is to make profits. When you’re involved in an accident and make a claim, your provider may try to undercut the settlement you deserve and give you an unfair amount.

This type of action by your insurer could lead to a bad faith insurance claim.

Situations that Arise to the Level of Bad Faith

By law, insurance companies are bound to uphold a duty of good faith towards their customers. In reality, insurance companies have an incentive to pay out as little as possible when large claims are filed. The following situations are usually considered “bad faith” in court:

If these situations sound familiar, then it’s advised that you consider pursuing a bad faith insurance claim.

Properties of a Bad Faith Claim

If you decide to pursue a bad faith claim against your insurer, then you will have to prove two things:

• The insurance company has withheld benefits

• The reason for withholding these benefits are unreasonable

The courts have already recognized several situations, as described above, that are unreasonable reasons for withholding a policy owner’s benefits.

It’s necessary to remember that a denied claim may not arise to the level of a bad faith claim. If your insurance company can provide a legitimate and legally recognized reason for withholding your benefits, then a lawsuit may be futile.

What Damages are Available in Bad Faith Insurance Claims?

There are several damages an insurer may have to pay in a bad faith insurance claim. They are:

If your claim is successful, then your insurer may be obligated to pay more than your original claim was worth.

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