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What You Need to Know About Uber Accidents

what to know about uber accidents Fort Lauderdale, FL

Rideshare Companies in Florida

There is no doubt that ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft are taking the world by storm. This new business model is clearly disrupting the old school taxi industry by utilizing technology and providing a quality service at a reasonable price. Not only are ridesharing services quicker and cheaper than traditional taxis and car services, but they are also much easier to use.

Becoming an Uber driver is relatively easy and simply requires being at least 21 years old, having driving experience, a valid United States driver’s license and have a four-door vehicle available to you. Uber will screen drivers as far as driver’s driving record and whether they have any criminal history. Uber will even help drivers obtain a new vehicle through lease or purchase.

With all the ease of use of the ridesharing services, car accidents still do happen. The more prevalent the ridesharing service, the more likely a serious accident will occur on our Florida roadways.

Uber Driver’s Liability

If you are a passenger in an Uber vehicle and your driver causes an accident, you, like any other passenger, may be entitled to bring a claim for the driver’s negligence and your injuries. Likewise, if you are in another vehicle and struck by an Uber or Lyft driver, you may also be entitled to bring a claim for any injury that occurs.

Applicable Insurance

In practice, one or more insurance policies may apply to cover your personal injury damages if you are involved in a crash with an Uber driver. If the driver is not engaged in a ride, the applicable insurance policy probably will be his or her personal automobile insurance policy. If the crash occurred while the negligent Uber driver was transporting you or another passenger, the coverage would be most likely be the Uber commercial insurance policy.

There is a possibility that Uber will suspend a driver involved in a serious accident pending an investigation of the crash. Suspension may cause problems for many drivers who rely upon the job to cover bills. It is also one reason why it is important for people involved in an accident with an Uber driver to document the crash at the scene, if possible.

Information to Obtain After an Uber Accident

  • Every driver’s name, address, telephone number, and insurance information
  • Photos of the vehicles and scene (if you can do so safely)
  • All witnesses’ names and phone numbers

The importance of documenting the crash cannot be overstated. The old saying that “a picture is worth 1000 words” is true in motor vehicle accidents. Also, many people rely upon the investigating officer to obtain the name and address of independent witnesses when in practice this does not always happen.

People seriously injured may be transported by ambulance and unable to obtain the information outlined above so asking the police to get that information or asking another person at the scene to do so can be helpful in getting this important information.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

As with other car accident claims, having an insurance company “accept responsibility” does not necessarily mean that it will be fair in its evaluation of your damages. It takes only a few minutes with an adjuster when you are discussing monetary compensation to determine whether you are being treated fairly.

One question we always advise for those who try to handle an accident claim on their own is to ask the adjuster “what amount is pain and suffering.” Most adjusters will have a difficult time answering that question if they are attempting to lowball you.

In short, an Uber or Lyft accident can involve many different insurance policies depending on the status of the driver and cause of the accident. The more serious the injury, the more likely it is that the injured party will need assistance from an experienced attorney for the claim.

Usually, the earlier a person retains a personal injury attorney, the better off they are in the process. Personal injury victims should carefully research the attorney they are considering before signing any representation agreement. It is best to do a little homework up-front when selecting an attorney for your case.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Uber Injury Case in Florida

Did you or a loved one sustain serious injuries due to an Uber accident in Florida? Don’t let the medical bills pile up while you wait for the negligent party or their insurance company to do the right thing. Right now, you need an aggressive personal injury attorney on your side, fighting to get you the compensation you need, want, and deserve. The skilled attorneys at Lawlor, White & Murphey represent clients injured in Uber accidents in Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Coconut Creek and throughout southern Florida. Call 855-347-5475 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation about your case. We have an office conveniently located at 2211 Davie Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312. 

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