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Hurricane Season, Part 2

September 30, 2009

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Personally, I love autumn. Football starts again, kids go back to school, temperatures begin a slow decline to something approaching pleasant and the end of hurricane season approaches.

The past few years have brought us a much-needed reprieve from the onslaught of hurricanes that, at times, made us feel like Mother Nature was loading tropical systems into a machine gun aimed at Florida. Nevertheless, many of us brace ourselves in June and follow the weather reports closely until the end of the season nears in October and November.

I’ve begun to realize, however, that we Floridians face not one, but two hurricane seasons every year. One brought on by nature every June, the other by the enemies of justice in Tallahassee every February. Unfortunately, our second hurricane season came early this year when John Thrasher won the special election in Jacksonville this month for the State Senate District 8 seat. Anyone who still doesn’t know who and what John Thrasher is need only put his name into Google. I suggest you plan to be sitting down when you do so.

I predict the upcoming 2010 Florida Legislative session will be more critically important to the jury trial system, the independence of our Judiciary, and the people of our State than any in recent memory. “Tort Reform” bills will be flying around the House and Senate like roof tiles in a Cat 5 cyclone. The enemies of justice will be pushing their agenda, and the now-familiar demonization of “Trial Lawyers” will be an oft-employed tactic.

All this will be going on during an election year when important local, state and judicial races will be occurring. We need to support the legislators committed to civil justice issues and our Judiciary. They’re going to need our help.