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Ft. Lauderdale Premise Liability

July 12, 2011

Premise liability law is the body of law that makes owners of land or premises responsible for injuries suffered by people who are present on the premises. Florida premises law states that the person who is responsible for maintaining a property in a safe condition is liable if someone is injured due to negligent maintenance. Property owners have a legal obligation to warn visitors or tenants of hazards that exist on their property. This applies to all types of Florida properties – stores and businesses open to the general public, private homes or even rental properties. Too often, no warning is issued, resulting in serious injury. 

In a Ft. Lauderdale shopping mall, the management company may be responsible for the common areas while the individual store owners must maintain their store in good condition. If someone slips and falls, the injured party has a legal right to sue.

A Macomb County homeowner with a pool could be liable for any accidents or injuries in their pool, regardless of their presence or permission.

All Florida property owners have a legal obligation to maintain their property and ensure it safety. Their responsibilities include:

Types of Premises Liability

Although slips and falls from uneven terrain, unnoticeable steps or slippery surfaces are probably the most common premises liability, there are other conditions which present hazards:

Florida “trip and fall” cases aren’t always easy to prove. The injured party must demonstrate that their injury was caused by an unsafe condition, or that the property owner/manager did not maintain the premises. Secondly, the victim must show the owner/manager was aware of the condition (and did not warn visitors), or should have known about the condition that caused the accident.

That is why you need a Florida attorney experienced in premises liability law to get compensation on your behalf for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages or wrongful death. An experienced Florida premises liability lawyer who is adept at negotiating with the property owner, and their insurance provider on your terms – not theirs.The law firm of Lawlor Winston provides the very best representation to their clients – ensuring they are represented at the highest and most effective levels, focusing on protecting the rights of individuals and families. Practice areas include Catastrophic Personal Injury including Wrongful Death, Auto Accidents, Premises Liability, Insurance Bad Faith Disputes, Professional Malpractice, Commercial Litigation, Maritime/Admiralty, Labor & Employment Disputes and ERISA Claims. The firm is headquartered at 2211 Davie Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL33312. They may be contacted at 954-525-2345. Additional information about Lawlor Winston may be obtained from the Firm’s website at