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Texting Drivers Increase Accident Risk

June 22, 2010

Florida does not have a ban on texting while driving, which leaves motorists on I-95, 595, the Florida Turnpike and other Broward streets at greater risk of injury or death from an auto accident or a truck accident.

Be aware of the drivers around you who may be drifting across lanes or driving slowly. These are signs of distracted drivers who are likely to be on the phone chatting with a friend, checking on directions, or trying to catch up with email or instant messages.

If you are in a serious motor vehicle accident on South Florida roads, the personal injury attorneys at Lawlor Winston can help you investigate if the other driver may have been negligent due to the use of a cell phone or Blackberry.

Of course, it is never a good idea to engage in this behavior yourself. Always drive defensively and look out for signs of distracted drivers.

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