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The Strip Worst Spot for Rubberneckers

February 11, 2013

Ask Las Vegas residents and tourists alike what the most congested spot in the Valley is, and many will immediately respond: The Strip. The hotels, cars, pedestrians, cabs, limos, and buses that occupy The Strip make it arguably the most crowded stretch of road in the area.

Consequently, it is often the site of numerous accidents which then cause even more congestion as drivers slow to a near stop to gawk at the accident site. Unfortunately, such rubbernecking can cause a chain reaction of accidents that can result in personal injury or even death for victims. If you have been injured as the result of another driver’s distracted rubbernecking, a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help you to get whatever compensation you may deserve as a result of your injury.

The Strip and downtown areas are certainly rife with enough distraction on a good day, and drivers should constantly be on their guard for pedestrians and other drivers.

When you have been subjected to pain and suffering because another driver was captivated by a previous accident rather than by the road ahead, you should not be subjected to financial worries as a result. Your personal injury lawyer will work aggressively to show how it was the driver’s negligence that led to your injuries and will hold the driver and any other responsible parties to account so that you can receive the full amount of remuneration that you might be due.

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